Hyper has built 14 battery swap stations in Guangzhou and Foshan and plans to build 500 stations in China by 2025.

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Hyper, the premium electric vehicle (EV) brand of , has built more than 10 battery swap stations, after launching a battery swap-enabled model a month ago.

Hyper completed 14 battery swap stations in Guangzhou and Foshan, it announced yesterday, the first time it has announced progress related to the facility.

Hyper plans to build 60 battery swap stations in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area this year and expects to build 2,000 supercharging stations and 500 battery swap stations in 300 Chinese cities by 2025, it said.

GAC Aion, the EV subsidiary of GAC Group, unveiled its new premium brand, Hyper, and its first model, the Hyper SSR supercar, on September 15, 2022. The Hyper SSR is expected to start mass production in October this year.

Hyper launched the Hyper GT in China on July 3, the brand's first production model. Its delivery started on July 20.

The Hyper GT is available in five versions with starting prices of RMB 219,900 ($30,500), RMB 245,900, RMB 239,900, RMB 259,900, and RMB 339,900 respectively.

The version with a starting price of RMB 239,900 supports battery swap, which Hyper claims can be completed in as little as two minutes.

Customers can choose -like battery-rental model when purchasing the Hyper GT. After choosing this model, the price of the Hyper GT is lowered by RMB 70,000, and the buyers have to pay RMB 980 per month for the battery.

($1 = RMB 7.2140)

GAC Aion's Hyper brand launches Hyper GT sedan, offers battery swap-enabled version