will integrate the Stingray's karaoke offering into its popular models sold in a dozen countries in 2023, with the rest to follow in subsequent years.

(Image credit: BYD)

In China, the karaoke feature has become almost a must-have for smart electric cars. Now BYD is partnering with a tech company to bring the feature overseas.

BYD has struck a global deal with Montreal, Canada-based music, media and tech company Stingray to carry the latter's karaoke product in some of its new energy vehicles (NEVs), according to a press release from the companies.

The Chinese NEV giant will integrate Stingray's interactive karaoke product as an embedded application in its popular models sold in a dozen countries in 2023, with the rest to follow in subsequent years.

Stingray Karaoke will be seamlessly integrated into BYD's infotainment system, support dozens of languages, and provide a free experience for all BYD owners, according to a Stingray press release.

BYD and Stingray have partnered to deactivate the scrolling karaoke lyrics on the center console when the vehicle is in drive mode to ensure customer safety.

In addition, the two companies have launched a Passenger App that allows passengers to use their mobile devices to view lyrics, control song selection, fast forward, skip ahead, and more, while playing audio through the vehicle's sound system.

Stingray Karaoke is fast becoming the default value-added service for electric vehicles globally, with the service available in all and VinFast vehicles, and will soon be available in select Audi models, the Canadian company said.

BYD is China's largest NEV company, selling a record 262,161 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in July, according to figures it released earlier this month.

In the January-July period, BYD sold 1,517,798 NEVs, up 88.81 percent year-on-year, reaching half of its target for the year.

In July, BYD sold 18,169 NEVs in overseas markets, up 72.45 percent from 10,536 in June.

The company sold 92,458 vehicles in overseas markets from January to July.

BYD expects to see its 5 millionth NEV roll off line on Aug 9