Day 2023 will be held in one of these 10 cities: Dalian, Guangzhou, Harbin, Haikou, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Kunming, Tianjin, Xi'an and Zhengzhou.

(Image credit: Nio)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) has listed 10 candidate cities for its biggest event of the year, Nio Day 2023.

After an initial venue check of the applicant cities by the Nio Day organizing committee, 10 cities have been shortlisted for Nio Day 2023, the electric vehicle (EV) maker announced today on its mobile app.

The 10 cities are:

Dalian, Guangzhou, Harbin, Haikou, Hangzhou, Jinhua, Kunming, Tianjin, Xi'an and Zhengzhou

Of the 10 cities, Dalian is located in Liaoning in northeastern China, Guangzhou is in Guangdong in the south, Harbin is in Heilongjiang in the northeast, Haikou is in Hainan in the south, Hangzhou and Jinhua are in Zhejiang in the east, Kunming is in Yunnan in the southwest, Tianjin is a neighboring city of Beijing, Xi'an is in Shaanxi in the northwest, and Zhengzhou is in Henan in central China.

Nio hosted the first Nio Day in 2017 and has given the choice of cities to host the event to users in its community to decide starting in 2020.

Nio requires that candidate cities for hosting the new Nio Day event have not hosted a Nio Day in the past eight years. Since 2017, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Suzhou, and Hefei have hosted Nio Day events.

For Nio Day 2023, candidate cities need to have venues available for 14 consecutive days from December 1 to December 31, 2023, and the event's host day will be set on a Saturday, according to a July 21 article posted by Nio.

Nio requires venues to be indoor or semi-indoor venues that can accommodate at least 8,000 people.

On August 5, the Nio Day organizing committee will nominate three candidate cities in preparation for a user vote.

From August 7 to August 11, Nio will showcase the three cities in its mobile app.

From August 11 to August 13, users will be able to vote for the host city they support in the Nio App.

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