The document lists 10 measures, three of which are directly related to support for the NEV sector, and specifically mentions support for the battery swap model.

China issues new measures to boost auto consumption with emphasis on support for NEVs-CnEVPost

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China today released new measures to encourage auto consumption as part of efforts to boost the economy.

Promoting auto consumption has a positive effect on stabilizing China's overall consumption and promoting high-quality development of the industry chain, said a document co-signed by 13 departments, including the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

The document lists 10 measures, three of which are directly related to support for the new energy vehicle (NEV) sector, and specifically mentions support for the battery swap model.

These measures include strengthening NEV infrastructure, lowering the cost of using NEVs, increasing NEV procurement in the public sector, and increasing financial support for consumers.

China will push the public sector to increase the number of NEVs procured, which includes supporting the procurement of NEVs in principle for new or renewed vehicles in the public sector, including government, civil service, public transportation, taxi, postal service and sanitation, the document said.

In rural areas, buses, trucks and postal vehicles are also encouraged to use NEVs when they are being renewed, and the proportion of such vehicles procured will increase year by year, according to the document.

China will strengthen the infrastructure of NEVs, build a high-quality charging facility system, and support the sale of NEVs in rural areas, the document said.

The country will accelerate the construction of charging facilities in rural townships and counties, as well as on highways and residential scenarios, and will guide users to participate in orderly charging and vehicle-grid interaction.

The country will continue to promote the development of standards for battery swap infrastructure and enhance compatibility and universality, the document said.

China will accelerate the promotion and application of the battery swap model, actively carry out public sector pilots of the model, and encourage cities and highway operators to accelerate the construction of battery swap stations.

The country will continue and optimize the policy measures of vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption for NEVs to reduce the purchase and use costs of NEVs, according to the document.

China encourages charging and battery swap facility operators to reduce charging service fees in phases, and encourages local governments to give preferential treatment for charging public transportation vehicles.

In addition to NEV-related content, the document also mentions that regions, where there are restrictions on the purchase of vehicles, should issue full-year purchase targets as early as possible.

China encourages local governments to expand the supply of parking spaces and financial institutions, to increase credit support for automobile consumption.

The document also emphasized that auto promotions are encouraged, but local governments should not introduce protective policies to avoid vicious competition.

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