China NEV Market

China's passenger car retail sales fall 21% year-on-year in first half of May
The recent decline in income for some residents following the Covid outbreak has led to an impact on consumption, and the contraction in demand has trickled down to the auto market, the CPCA said.
BREAKING: China mulls extending EV subsidies due to expire at year-end, report says
China is in talks with automakers to extend EV subsidies that were set to expire in 2022, aiming to maintain growth in a key market amid a broader economic slowdown, Reuters said.
China expected to introduce new policies to boost rural car consumption in early June, report says
China will encourage consumption by rural residents of cars priced at less than 150,000 yuan ($22,230), including ICE vehicles and NEVs, according to local media.
China's automotive supply chain: A panoramic view
This is the best analysis we have seen of the Chinese automotive supply chain and what impact Covid has had.
China to issue new policies to boost car consumption in rural areas as soon as this month, report says
A new round of policies to boost auto consumption in rural areas will be released soon, possibly as soon as this month, Cailian reported.
China's passenger vehicle retail sales drop 21% year-on-year in first week of May, CPCA data show
China's NEV supply is expected to improve significantly in May compared to April, with retail sales of NEVs expected to show high growth compared to April, the CPCA said.
China's April NEV sales at 299,000 units, down 38% from March, CAAM data show
Compared to the NEV market, China's overall auto market performed worse in April, with sales down 47.1 percent from March.
China's wholesale sales of passenger NEVs in April falls 38.5% from March, CPCA data show
The penetration of NEVs in wholesale sales in April was 29.6 percent, up from 25.1 percent in March.
Guangdong introduces new measures to encourage consumption, including NEVs
On top of state subsidies, Guangdong will offer additional subsidies to consumers who purchase NEVs.
NEVs account for 47% of car sales in Shanghai in Q1
Even though the price of NEVs generally rose by RMB 5,000 to RMB 10,000, they still accounted for nearly half of sales in the first quarter, according to the CPCA.