These car companies have pledged to regulate their marketing activities and not to disrupt the order of fair competition in the market with abnormal prices.

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More than 10 car companies, including major electric vehicle (EV) startups, have pledged to jointly maintain a fair market order in China's auto market, at a time when the EV industry is growing rapidly.

At the 2023 China Auto Forum in Jiading, Shanghai, today, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and 16 major automakers signed a pledge to uphold fair market order in the automotive industry.

This is to maintain a good auto market order, jointly create a good consumer environment, and actively stabilize and promote auto consumption, they said at the conference.

The car companies that signed the commitment include:

China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, SAIC, Changan Automobile, BAIC, GAC, China National Heavy Duty Truck, Chery, JAC, , Great Wall Motor, , , , , and .

The following is the main content of the commitment letter:

First, we will abide by the rules and regulations of the industry, regulate marketing activities, maintain a fair competition order, and not disrupt the fair competition order of the market with abnormal prices.

Second, we will pay attention to marketing methods, will not exaggerate or conduct false marketing, not to mislead consumers to attract attention and increase customer acquisition.

Third, we will put quality first, use quality-oriented, high-quality products and services to meet the people's needs for a better life.

Fourth, we will actively fulfill our social responsibility, and take an active role in helping to stabilize economic growth, increase confidence and prevent risks, and work together to make a contribution to national economic growth.

It should be noted that the commitment is self-regulatory and not legally binding, and it was signed after the price war at the beginning of the year and the emergence of a war of words between several EV companies and their supporters.

Since early March, a rare price war has erupted in China's auto industry, which has not boosted sales but has instead triggered a wait-and-see mood among consumers, resulting in car sales not seeing an increase.

On March 22, the CAAM called for the hype about price cuts in China's auto industry to cool down to return the industry to normal operation and ensure healthy and stable development of the industry throughout the year.

After that, the price war in China's auto industry gradually subsided.

It is worth noting that although these car companies pledged today not to disrupt the fair order with abnormal prices, it does not mean that they cannot cut prices when facing future challenges.

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