The ET5 Touring and EL6 are priced higher in Europe than in China due to factors including transportation costs, local taxes and operating costs.

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Hours after the ET5 Touring was launched in China, NIO (NYSE: NIO) rolled out the model, as well as the EL6, known in China as the new ES6, in Europe.

Both models will be available in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and deliveries will both begin in the fourth quarter.

Including the battery, the ET5 Touring starts at 59,500 euros ($65,130) in Germany for the 75-kWh standard range version and 68,500 euros for the 100-kWh long-range version.

For reference, both versions of the ET5 Touring start at the same prices in China as the regular ET5, RMB 298,000 ($41,820) and RMB 356,000 respectively.

In the Netherlands, the starting price for the 75-kWh ET5 Touring is €63,900 ($69,930) and the 100-kWh version is €72,900.

They cost 706,000 SEK ($66,560) and 816,000 SEK in Sweden, 517,000 DKK ($75,950) and 637,000 DKK in Denmark, and 532,869 NOK ($50,740) and 620,619 NOK in Norway, respectively.

NIO ET5 Touring Price with Battery in Europe

NIO ET5GermanyNetherlandsSwedenDenmarkNorway
75-kWh59,500 EUR63,900 EUR706,000 SEK517,000 DKK532,869 NOK
100-kWh68,500 EUR72,900 EUR816,000 SEK637,000 DKK620,619 NOK

For the EL6, including the battery, the 75-kWh starts at €65,500 in Germany and €74,500 for the 100-kWh version. Because of the lawsuit with Audi, NIO's ES series models have been rebranded as the EL series in Europe.

The EL6 starts at €67,900 and €76,900 in the Netherlands, SEK 769,900 and SEK 879,000 in Sweden, DKK 547,000 and DKK 667,000 in Denmark, and NOK 595,016 and NOK 682,766 in Norway, respectively.

Including the battery, the starting price of the new 75-kWh ES6 in China is RMB 338,000, and RMB 396,000 for the 100-kWh version.

NIO EL6 Price with Battery in Europe

NlO EL6GermanyNetherlandsSwedenDenmarkNorway
75-kWh65,500 EUR67,900 EUR769,000 SEK547,000 DKK595,016 NOK
100-kWh74,500 EUR76,900 EUR879,000 SEK667,000 DKK682,766 NOK

NIO has previously said that the base prices of its models are essentially the same globally, with the difference being that they take into account factors including transportation costs, local taxes and operating costs in different regions.

If consumers choose to purchase the ET5 Touring or EL6 using the BaaS (battery as a service) model, the starting price in Germany is €12,000 lower for the 75-kWh version and €21,000 lower for the 100-kWh version.

It is worth noting that NIO's battery swap stations in Europe are only available to owners of vehicles purchased using the BaaS model. In China, these stations are available to all NIO consumers whether they purchase a model with batteries included or based on the BaaS model.

In addition to the purchase option, NIO also offers a subscription option in Europe. In Germany, for the EL6, if consumers choose a fixed-term subscription of 36 months, the monthly price is €1,179 for the 75-kWh version and €1,309 for the 100-kWh version.

($1 = RMB 7.1264, $1 = EUR 0.9136)

NIO launches ET5 Touring in China with same pricing as regular ET5