Leapmotor said the higher-priced C-series models contributed more than 83 percent of deliveries in May.

Leapmotor delivers 12,058 units in May, higher-priced C-series dominate-CnEVPost

Leapmotor delivered 12,058 vehicles in May, up 19.75 percent from 10,069 in the same month last year and up 38.18 percent from 8,726 in April, according to data released today.
Leapmotor did not release model-specific breakdown sales figures, but said deliveries of the higher-priced C-series models were up more than 38 percent from April, contributing to more than 83 percent of deliveries.

The Leapmotor C11 series delivered more than 7,100 units, the company said.

Founded in 2015, Leapmotor's models on sale include the mini vehicle T03, the coupe model S01, the flagship SUV model C11, and the flagship sedan C01.

The C11 BEV, which went on sale September 29, 2021, and the C01, which went on sale September 28, 2022, are Leapmotor's flagship models, targeting a range of RMB 150,000 ($21,110) to RMB 300,000.

On March 1, Leapmotor officially launched the C11 extended-range electric vehicle (EREV), banking on the model targeting a larger market to turn around weak sales performance.

The company's previous sales were mainly contributed by the inexpensive electric vehicle T03, which led Leapmotor to be seen as a budget EV maker. The model's current starting price range is RMB 59,900 to RMB 89,900.

Leapmotor's higher-priced C11 EREV is priced from RMB 149,800 to RMB 185,800. The C11's all-electric version starts at RMB 155,800 to RMB 219,800.

Its flagship sedan, the C01, has a price range of RMB 149,800 to RMB 228,800.

The Leapmotor website does not currently show pricing for the S01.

($1 = RMB 7.1042)

Leapmotor would have to sell at least 400,000 units a year to break even, CEO says