has produced some new ES6 vehicles based on designer-recommended configuration combinations, and deliveries of customized vehicles will begin in mid-June.

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Nio's (NYSE: NIO) mobile app has stopped showing the wait time for the new ES6, which previously showed an expected delivery date in May.

The electric vehicle maker officially launched the new ES6 in China on May 24, when it announced a starting price of RMB 368,000 ($51,920) including batteries.

Deliveries of the new ES6 started in 13 regions of China on the night of the launch on May 24, Nio announced on Weibo in the early morning hours of May 25.

This is Nio's fastest model from launch to delivery as it has changed its strategy to produce some vehicles earlier for quicker delivery.

Nio began production of the new ES6 based on designer-recommended configuration configurations, and if consumers purchase these vehicles, deliveries would officially begin on May 25, according to a May 24 post on the Nio App.

Consumers who wish to customize the vehicles can lock in their orders in the Nio App, and deliveries will begin in mid-June.

Notably, Nio appears to still be in the process of ramping up capacity for the new ES6, and deliveries of the model appeared to be limited last week.

Nio vehicles had 1,600 insurance registrations last week, according to figures shared by its local peer today.

This means that Nio's cumulative sales for the month through last week were about 5,300 units. Nio's numbers for the first three weeks of May were 1,100, 1,200 and 1,400 units, respectively.

Expected delivery dates for Nio's other models remain unchanged today, with the new ES8 set to begin delivery in June, the ES7 with a wait time of about 4 weeks, the EC7 with 5-7 weeks, the ET7 with about 3 weeks and the ET5 with 2-3 weeks.

($1 = RMB 7.0874)

Data table: Latest wait times for NIO models

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