Deliveries of the new ES6 began in 13 regions on the night of its launch on May 24, although officially announced that deliveries would begin on May 25.

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NIO (NYSE: NIO) previously said that deliveries of the new ES6 would begin the next day after its launch. But as it turned out, the new SUV was delivered to its first owners on the same night it went on sale.

Deliveries of the new ES6 started in 13 regions of China the night of its launch on May 24, NIO announced on Weibo early this morning.

The electric vehicle (EV) maker shared several images showing some of the scenes from the model's first deliveries on the night of May 24.

NIO officially launched the new ES6 during an event that began at 7 pm Beijing time on May 24, and pricing information for the model was only announced near the end of the event at around 8 pm.

The new ES6 is available in only one version, unlike the three previously offered versions of the first-generation ES6.

Including the battery, the new ES6 with the 75-kWh standard range battery pack starts at RMB 368,000 ($52,220), and for the 100-kWh version, the starting price will be RMB 426,000.

If consumers choose to purchase the car using NIO's BaaS (battery as a service) program, the new ES6 starts at RMB 298,000, with monthly rental fees of RMB 980 for the 75-kWh pack and RMB 1,680 for the 100-kWh.

For owners who get delivery of the new ES6 on the day of launch, they may be big fans of NIO and are not price sensitive, and getting delivery as early as possible is what they would prefer.

NIO has already begun production of the new ES6 based on designer-recommended configuration combinations, and deliveries would begin on May 25 for consumers who purchase these vehicles, a post on the NIO App said yesterday.

Consumers who wish to customize the vehicles can lock in their orders in the NIO App, and deliveries will begin in mid-June, it said.

($1 = RMB 7.0473)

NIO officially launches new ES6, potentially lifting key factor holding back sales