From January to April, the Model Y sold 121,407 units, making it the second-best-selling new energy SUV in China during this period.  |  [eod_live target="TSLA.US"]

's retail sales in China in April included 13,196 Model 3 electric sedans and 26,760 Model Y electric crossovers, according to data released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Figures released earlier this month by the CPCA show that Tesla sold 75,842 China-made vehicles in April, including 35,886 units exported.

That means Tesla delivered 39,956 vehicles in China in April, with 47.32 percent of the vehicles produced at the Shanghai plant being exported.

The US electric vehicle maker's plant in Shanghai currently only produces the Model 3 as well as the Model Y. Including exports, the two models sold 26,783 and 49,059 units in April, respectively, according to the CPCA.

Today's figures mean that Tesla's Shanghai plant exported 13,587 China-made Model 3s and 22,299 China-made Model Ys in April.

In China, Model Y sales in April were up 2,687.50 percent from 960 units in the same month last year, but down 51.29 percent from 54,937 units in March.

Model 3 sales in China in April were up 2,290.58 percent from 552 units a year ago, but down 39.26 percent from 21,726 units in March.

These changes are due to the fact that Tesla's sales in China fell sharply last April due to the Covid lockdown in Shanghai, and its pattern of producing vehicles primarily for export in the first half of each quarter.

In the rankings released today by the CPCA, the Model Y was the third best-selling new energy SUV in April.

Song and BYD Yuan Plus were the top 2 best-selling new energy SUVs in April with 33,007 and 28,931 retail sales, respectively.

From January to April, the Model Y sold 121,407 units, up 60.5 percent year-on-year, and was the second best-selling new energy SUV during this period, according to the CPCA's rankings.

The BYD Song was the top-selling new energy SUV from January to April, with 174,422 units, up 83.0 percent year-on-year.

Among the top 10 new energy sedans in April, the Tesla Model 3 came in at No. 7, while 's (NYSE: NIO) ET5 sedan failed to make the list.

Among the top retail sales of new energy sedans from January to April, the Tesla Model 3 ranked No. 5, while the BYD Qin ranked No. 1 with 130,602 units.

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