The expected delivery date for the ES7 is now 3-5 weeks, up from about 2 weeks previously, information from the Nio App monitored by CnEVPost shows.

(From left to right: All-new ES8, old ES8, ES7, ES6. Screenshot on April 17.)

The ES7 SUV, one of two major models currently being delivered by Nio (NYSE: NIO), has seen a longer wait in China.

The expected delivery date for the Nio ES7 is now 3-5 weeks, up from about 2 weeks previously, information from the Nio App monitored by CnEVPost shows.

The last change in the SUV's wait time information was on April 10, when it was shortened from about 3 weeks to about 2 weeks.

Waiting time information for all other Nio models remains unchanged today.

The Nio App is currently showing 8 models, including the ES8, ES6 and EC6 based on the NT 1.0 platform, and the new ES8, ES7, EC7, ET7 and ET5 based on the NT 2.0 platform.

Among these models, only ES7 and ET5 are the ones Nio is mainly delivering. Its NT 1.0 platform models are being phased out, and deliveries of the EC7 and the new ES8 will start in May and June this year respectively, with the new ES6 and ET7 facelift to be unveiled tomorrow.

On April 14, the Nio App stopped showing wait times for the ES6 SUV, even though the NT 1.0 model had stopped receiving custom orders months ago.

The full range of Nio models with Banyan intelligent system will be presented on April 18, the new ES6 will debut and the 2023 ET7 will be officially unveiled, Nio said on April 11.

The upcoming biennial Shanghai auto show will be held from April 18 - 27, with April 18 - 19 being the media days, April 20 - 21 being the professional visitors' days, and the general public being admitted from April 22 - 27.

The show will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and Nio's booth is 6A01in Hall 6.1, where it will hold a launch event on April 18 starting at 10:00.

(From left to right: EC7, EC6, ET7, ET5. Screenshot on April 17.)

NIO to launch new ET7 at Shanghai auto show besides new ES6

Changes in wait times for Nio models

20240509ET7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeksUp7-8 weeks
20240506ES7 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksDown3-5 weeks
20240506EC7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240506ES8 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240425ET7 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing
20240422ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240422ES8 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20240422EC7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20240416ET5 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20240416ES7 (NT 2.0)6-7 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20240408ET5 (NT 2.0)7-8 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20240408ES7 (NT 2.0)7-8 weeksDown6-7 weeks
20240325ES7 (NT 2.0)8-9 weeksDown7-8 weeks
20240313ET5 (NT 2.0)9-11 weeksDown7-8 weeks
20240313ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240313ES6 (NT 2.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240313EC6 (NT 2.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240313EC7 (NT 2.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240313ES7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeksDown8-9 weeks
20240313ES8 (NT 2.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240222ET5 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing9-11 weeks
20240222ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)NAStart showing2-4 weeks
20240222ES6 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing2-4 weeks
20240222EC6 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing2-4 weeks
20240222EC7 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing2-4 weeks
20240222ET7 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing2-4 weeks
20240222ES7 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing11-13 weeks
20240222ES8 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing2-4 weeks
20240202ET5 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksNAStop showing
20240202ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksNAStop showing
20240202ES6 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksNAStop showing
20240202EC6 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksNAStop showing
20240202EC7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksNAStop showing
20240202ET7 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksNAStop showing
20240202ES7 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksNAStop showing
20240202ES8 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksNAStop showing
20240103ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240103ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240103EC7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20240103ES8 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231220ET5 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20231220ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20231220EC7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20231220ES8 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20231220ET7 (NT 2.0)5-6 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20231220ES7 (NT 2.0)5-6 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20231212ET7 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksUp5-6 weeks
20231212ES7 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksUp5-6 weeks
20231024EC7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231024ES8 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231011EC7 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20231011ES8 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20231008ET5 (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231008ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)4-5 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231008ES6 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231008EC6 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20231008EC7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksUp4-5 weeks
20231008ES8 (NT 2.0)5-6 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20230918EC6 (NT 2.0)New ModelNA3-4 weeks
20230914ET5 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp4-5 weeks
20230914ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp4-5 weeks
20230914EC7 (NT 2.0)About 4 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20230914ES8 (NT 2.0)6-7 weeksDown5-6 weeks
20230901ES8 (NT 2.0)8-9 weeksDown6-7 weeks
20230803ET7 (NT 2.0)6-7 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20230803ES6 (NT 2.0)3-6 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20230803ES7 (NT 2.0)6-7 weeksDown4-5 weeks
20230803ES8 (NT 2.0)NAStart showing8-9 weeks
20230705ES7 (NT 2.0)6-8 weeksDown6-7 weeks
20230705ES6 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksUp3-6 weeks
20230705ET7 (NT 2.0)6-8 weeksDown6-7 weeks
20230705ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230701ES8 (NT 2.0)JuneStop showingNA
20230626ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp6-8 weeks
20230626ES6 (NT 2.0)About 5 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20230626ET7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp6-8 weeks
20230616ET5 Touring (NT 2.0)NAStart showing3-4 weeks
20230613ES7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230613EC7 (NT 2.0)About 5 weeksDownAbout 4 weeks
20230613ET7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230606ES6 (NT 2.0)NAStart showingAbout 5 weeks
20230605ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20230605ET7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20230601ET5 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUpAbout 3 weeks
20230601EC7 (NT 2.0)5-7 weeksDownAbout 5 weeks
20230601ES7 (NT 2.0)About 4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230530ES6 (NT 2.0)MayStop showingNA
20230524ES6 (NT 2.0)NAStart showingMay
20230516ET5 (NT 2.0)About 2 weeksUp2-3 weeks
20230516EC7 (NT 2.0)About 5 weeksUp5-7 weeks
20230509ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUpAbout 4 weeks
20230428ET7 (NT 2.0)About 4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230428EC7 (NT 2.0)About 4 weeksUpAbout 5 weeks
20230425ES7 (NT 2.0)3-5 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230421ET7 (NT 2.0)NANAAbout 4 weeks
20230421EC7 (NT 2.0)Mid MayNAAbout 4 weeks
20230417ES7 (NT 2.0)About 2 weeksUp3-5 weeks
20230414ES6 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
20230410ET5 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksDownAbout 2 weeks
20230410ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksDownAbout 2 weeks
20230328ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230328ES7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230314ET5 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20230314ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksUp4-6 weeks
20230313ET7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksNAStop showing
20230214ES7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230214ET7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230214ET5 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20230206ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksDownAbout 3 weeks
20230128ES7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20230128ET7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeksUp3-4 weeks
20230128ET5 (NT 2.0)7-9 weeksDown3-4 weeks
20230111ET5 (NT 2.0)8-10 weeksDown7-9 weeks
20230105ET5 (NT 2.0)9-11 weeksDown8-10 weeks
20221229ET5 (NT 2.0)10-12 weeksDown9-11 weeks
20221222ET5 (NT 2.0)12-14 weeksDown10-12 weeks
20221220ES7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20221213ET5 (NT 2.0)13-15 weeksDown12-14 weeks
20221213ET7 (NT 2.0)About 2 weeksUp2-3 weeks
20221213EC6 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
20221125ET5 (NT 2.0)21-23 weeksDown13-15 weeks
20221125ES7 (NT 2.0)7-9 weeksDown4-6 weeks
20221125ET7 (NT 2.0)3-5 weeksDownAbout 2 weeks
20221123ES8 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
20221116ET7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeksDown3-5 weeks
20221110ES8 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeksDownAbout 2 weeks
20221110ES6 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeksDownAbout 2 weeks
20221110EC6 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeksDownAbout 2 weeks
20221103ES7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeksDown7-9 weeks
20221103ET7 (NT 2.0)6-8 weeksDown4-6 weeks
20221103ES8 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20221103ES6 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20221103EC6 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeksDown2-3 weeks
20221031ES7 (NT 2.0)12-14 weeksDown11-13 weeks
20221031ES8 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeksDown2-4 weeks
20221031ES6 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeksDown2-4 weeks
20221031EC6 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeksDown2-4 weeks
20221021ES7 (NT 2.0)13-15 weeksDown12-14 weeks
20221021ET7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeksDown6-8 weeks
20221021ET5 (NT 2.0)21-23 weeksNAStop showing
20221021ES8 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeksDown3-5 weeks
20221021ES6 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeksDown3-5 weeks
20221021EC6 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeksDown3-5 weeks