will hold 2 press conferences on April 18 from 10:00-10:20 and on April 19 from 14:00-14:30.

Shanghai auto show: Complete map about exhibitors' booths-CnEVPost

As the first major auto show after the Covid opening in China, the Shanghai auto show, which will start next week, is highly anticipated, with more than 100 press conferences by car companies and supply chain players on media days.

The show will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center from April 18-27, with media days from April 18-19 and professional visitor days from April 20-21, while the general public can enter from April 22-27.

From April 18 to April 19, car companies and other exhibitors will hold 150 press conferences, according to information released yesterday by Shanghai auto show organizers.

Nio (NYSE: NIO), whose booth is 6A01 in Hall 6.1, will hold one press conference on April 18 from 10:00-10:20 and one on April 19 from 14:00-14:30, according to the information, which has not been officially announced by Nio.

(NYSE: XPEV), whose booth is 6A08 in Hall 6.1, will hold its press event on April 18 from 09:40-10:00.

Xpeng announced yesterday that it will debut its next production model on the morning of April 18, with a live broadcast to air from 09:40 - 10:00 am Beijing time.

Xpeng didn't mention the model's name, but it's apparently the G6, an SUV that will compete with the Model Y.

(NASDAQ: LI), whose booth is 6A04, also located in Hall 6.1, will hold a press event on April 18 from 09:20 - 09:40.

(OTCMKTS: BYDDY) will be at booth 7A06 in Hall 7.1, and will hold a presentation on April 18 from 10:20-10:40.

BYD's high-end Yangwang brand's booth is 8A05 in Hall 8.1, and it will hold its event on April 18 from 09:40-10:00.

's booth is 6A07, located in Hall 6.1, and it will hold a presentation on April 18 from 10:40-11:00.

's booth is 6A11, located in Hall 6.1, and it will launch on April 18 from 11:20-11:40.

The auto show attracted more than 1,000 companies with a total exhibition area of over 360,000 square meters.

Thirteen indoor halls of the National Exhibition and Convention Center were used, including nine passenger car halls -- 3H, 4.1H, 5.1H, 6.1H, 6.2H, 7.1H, 7.2H, 8.1H and 8.2H.

Automotive technology and supply chain companies are in 3 halls -- 1.2H, 2.1H , 2.2H. 5.2H is the media area.

Below table is the schedule of all 150 conferences compiled by CnEVPost based on the information provided by the organizers of Auto Shanghai 2023.

Shanghai auto show: Complete map about exhibitors' booths

Shanghai auto show exhibitors' press conference schedule

Hall 1.2Antolin1BC01018-Apr15:00-15:30
Hall 1.2Changan1BC01318-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 1.2Mingxin Automotive1BC01619-Apr14:00-14:20
Hall 1.2Baosteel 1BF00319-Apr9:30-10:00
Hall 1.2Forvia1BF00519-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 1.2ZF1BF00618-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 1.2Midea Welling1BF01919-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 1.2Sunwoda1BH00218-Apr15:00-15:30
Hall 1.2Sunwoda1BH00220-Apr15:00-15:30
Hall 1.2ElringKlinger1BH00819-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 2.1Didi Autonomous Driving2AC00818-Apr10:00-11:00
Hall 2.1Global Technology2AF00820-Apr9:00-12:00
Hall 2.1Bynav Technology2AH00220-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 2.2Raythink2BA00619-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 2.2Benewake2BA00819-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 2.2LiangDao2BA01219-Apr11:00-11:30
Hall 2.2LeiShen Intelligence2BA013b19-Apr11:30-12:00
Hall 2.2LeiShen Intelligence2BA013B20-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 2.2Mxnavi2BAO16B20-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 2.2Leekr2BB00118-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 2.2EVK2BB007B18-Apr11:30-11:50
Hall 2.2Valeo2BC 00519-Apr12:00-12:30
Hall 2.2Continental2BC 00719-Apr9:40- 10:10
Hall 2.2Mobis2BC 00919-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 2.2Westwell2BC00118-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 2.2NavInfo2BC00318-Apr14:30-15:00
Hall 2.2Webasto2BC00618-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 2.2Desay SV2BC00818-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 2.2Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric2BD00118-Apr9:30-10:00
Hall 2.2Autoliv2BD00319-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 2.2Schaeffler2BD00518-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 2.2BorgWarner2BD006A18-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 2.2Freetech2BD01019-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 2.2Highly New Energy2BE00218-Apr11:00-11:30
Hall 2.2Chuhang Technology 2BF003A19-Apr15:00-15:30
Hall 2.2Hongjing Drive2BF01319-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 2.2Appotronics2BF02218-Apr15:30-16:00
Hall 2.2Appotronics2BF02219-Apr11:30-12:00
Hall 2.2Appotronics2BF02219-Apr15:30-16:00
Hall 2.2Tanway2BG00319-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 3SAIC Maxus3A0318-Apr11:10-11:30
Hall 3IM Motors3A0418-Apr10:00-11:00
Hall 3IM Motors3A0418-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 3Rising Auto3A0618-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 3SAIC MG3A0718-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 3SAIC Audi3A1018-Apr11:30-11:50
Hall 4.1Smart4A0118-Apr11:40-12:00
Hall 4.1Denza4A0318-Apr11:20-11:40
Hall 4.1Bejing Hyundai4A0418-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 4.1Jiangling4A0518-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 4.1Shenlan4A0618-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 4.1Mercedes-Benz4A0718-Apr10:40-11:00
Hall 4.1Mercedes-EQ4A0718-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 4.1Arcfox4A0818-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 4.1BAIC Group4A0918-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 4.1BAIC Foton4A0918-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 4.1Skyworth Auto4A1118-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 4.1Visteon4A1318-Apr14:30-15:00
Hall 5.1Hongqi5A0118-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 5.1Volkswagen5A0218-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 5.1Changan Mazda5A0318-Apr10:40-11 :00
Hall 5.1Toyota Boshoku5A0419-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 5.1Jetta5A0518-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 5.1Audi5A0618-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 5.1Geely Auto5A0718-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 5.1China Mobile5A0818-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 5.1Unity China5A0920-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 6.1Nio6A0118-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 6.1Nio6A0119-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 6.1Lynk & Co6A0318-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 6.1Li Auto6A0418-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 6.1Ora6A0518-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 6.1Ora6A0519-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 6.1Zeekr6A0718-Apr10:40-11:00
Hall 6.1Xpeng6A0818-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 6.1Hycan6A1018-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 6.1Neta6A1118-Apr11:20-11:40
Hall 6.1Innovusion6A1218-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 6.1FinDreams6A1318-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 6.1FinDreams6A1319-Apr11 :00-11:30
Hall 6.2Dongfeng M Hero6B0118-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 6.2Jaguar Land Rover6B0218-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 6.2Lexus6B0318-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 6.2Voyah6B0418-Apr10:40-11:00
Hall 6.2Wey6B0518-Apr11:20-11:40
Hall 6.2Tank6B0518-Apr11:40-12:00
Hall 6.2Tank6B0518-Apr16:00-16:30
Hall 6.2Tank6B0519-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 6.2Genesis6B0618-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 6.2Polestar6B0718-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 6.2Avatr6B0918-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 6.2Lincoln6B1018-Apr12:00-12:30
Hall 6.2Horizon Robotics6B1218-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 6.2Horizon Robotics6B1219-Apr09:00-10:00
Hall 6.2Horizon Robotics6B1219-Apr14:00-15:00
Hall 7.1Mini7A0118-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 7.1BMW7A0218-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 7.1HiPhi7A0318-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 7.1Yuanhang7A0418-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 7.1Haval7A0518-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 7.1Great Wall Cannon7A0519-Apr11:00-11:30
Hall 7.1BYD Auto7A0618-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 7.1Bosch7A0918-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 7.1Brabus7A1018-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 7.1SemiDrive7A1119-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 7.1Zhilu Space7A1219-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 7.1SemiDrive7All19-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 7.2Nissan7B0118-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 7.2Nissan7B0119-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 7.2Dongfeng Motor7B0218-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 7.2iCAR7B0318-Apr10:40-11:00
Hall 7.2Honda7B0418-Apr12:30-13:00
Hall 7.2JAC Group7B0618-Apr11:20-11:40
Hall 7.2JAC Group7B0618-Apr12:00-12:30
Hall 7.2Jetour7B0918-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 7.2Chery7B1018-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 7.2Chery7B1018-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 7.2Exeed7B1118-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 7.2Dongfeng Peugeot7B1218-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 7.2REPT7B1318-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 7.2REPT7B1319-Apr10:30-11:00
Hall 8.1Ducati8A0118-Apr16:00-16:30
Hall 8.1Mansory8A0218-Apr14:00-14:30
Hall 8.1Bentley8A0318-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 8.1Lorinser8A0418-Apr12:30-13:00
Hall 8.1Yangwang8A0518-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 8.1Honda Motorcycle8A0618-Apr13:30-14:00
Hall 8.1Porsche8A0718-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 8.1Horwin8A0818-Apr15:30-16:00
Hall 8.1Speed Auto8A1118-Apr13:00-13:30
Hall 8.1Jinghang8A1618-Apr15:00-15:30
Hall 8.1Harley-Davidson8A1718-Apr12:00-12:30
Hall 8.1Maserati8A2018-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 8.1Lamborghini8A2118-Apr10:40-11:00
Hall 8.1Kede8A2318-Apr14:30-15:00
Hall 8.1Rolls-Royce Motor Cars8A2418-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 8.1Lotus8A2518-Apr11 :40-12:00
Hall 8.1Bufite8A2619-Aprl1 6:00-16:30
Hall 8.2Subaru8B0118-Apr11:00-11:20
Hall 8.2FAW Bestune8B0218-Apr10:20-10:40
Hall 8.2Changan8B0318-Apr11:40-12:00
Hall 8.2Ford Motor8B0418-Apr10:40-11:00
Hall 8.28B0518-Apr15:00-15:30
Hall 8.2CATL8B0519-Apr10:00-10:30
Hall 8.2GAC Trumpchi8B0618-Apr09:20-09:40
Hall 8.2GAC Aion8B0718-Apr09:40-10:00
Hall 8.2Toyota8B0818-Apr09:00-09:20
Hall 8.2Livan8B0918-Apr11:20-11:40
Hall 8.2Kia8B1018-Apr10:00-10:20
Hall 8.2Black Sesame8B1218-Apr13:00-13:30