The GT, set for mass production and delivery in the first half of 2023, will be the first real sports car that young people in China can own, an executive previously said.

(Image credit: Neta)

Neta Auto, the electric vehicle (EV) brand owned by Hozon Auto, has unveiled its first electric sports car, with deliveries expected to begin in the first half of the year.

Neta officially unveiled the Neta GT, a two-door, four-seat all-electric sports car that is its second model based on the Shanhai platform after its flagship sedan, the Neta S, at a launch event on the night of April 4.

The EV maker mentioned the name Neta E when it previewed the sports car late last year, but a month ago, it made the model's name official with the Neta GT.

The electric sports car measures 4,715 mm in length, 1,979 mm in width and 1,415 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,770 mm.

For comparison, the Neta S measures 4,980 mm in length, 1,980 mm in width and 1,450 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,980 mm.

The Neta GT will be available in single-motor and dual-motor versions, with the single-motor version having a maximum motor power of 170 kW and the dual-motor version having a maximum total power of 340 kW, as indicated by a previous regulatory filing.

Its power battery suppliers include and Eve Energy, and the battery types include lithium iron phosphate batteries as well as ternary batteries.

Neta GT's battery pack has three options of 64.24 kWh, 74.48 kWh and 77.9 kWh, and the CLTC range includes 560 km, 580 km and 660 km.

Neta did not announce the official launch and delivery dates of the Neta GT, but last December 16, Hozon Auto CEO Zhang Yong said on Weibo that the model will be mass-produced and delivered in the first half of 2023.

Pricing information for the Neta GT is unknown, though Zhang previously said that the model would be the first true sports car that young people in China could own, suggesting that its price will likely be affordable.

The current starting price range for the Neta S flagship sedan is RMB 242,800 to RMB 341,800.

Neta is seen as a budget EV maker in China, as its vehicles are priced primarily for the lower end of the market, and the Neta S is its first effort at the premium end of the market.

Neta delivered 10,087 vehicles in March, essentially unchanged from 10,073 in February and down 16.12 percent from 12,026 in the same month last year, the company's previously announced figures show.

The Neta S delivered 2,206 units in March, up 8 percent from 2,048 units in February. A total of 4,793 units of the Neta V and 3,088 units of the Neta U were delivered in March.

Regulatory filing: Neta's 2-door electric sports car coming