previously hinted that the technology is expected to give the vehicle ride an emperor's seat-like feel.

BYD will unveil a new technology next month, the latest following the e⁴ technology it unveiled in early January.

The new energy vehicle (NEV) giant will unveil a system called "Yunnian" (云辇) at an event on April 10 from 19:00 to 20:30 local time at its global headquarters in Shenzhen.

BYD has previously unveiled key technologies including the DM hybrid system, e-Platform, blade battery, CTB technology and e⁴, while "Yunnian" will be the company's latest in-house developed technology achievement, according to an invitation today.

BYD did not provide an introduction to the "Yunnian" system, saying only that it will be a key technology for the intelligent integration of NEVs in the vertical direction.

On January 4, BYD applied for the trademark "Yunnian" in China.

On March 23, BYD said on Weibo that the Yunnian system will be unveiled soon, and hinted that the technology is expected to make the vehicle stable on rough roads.

The Chinese character "辇" is not common and usually refers to the vehicle in which the emperor rode. The Chinese character "云" means cloud.

The technology is expected to make the vehicle feel like an emperor's vehicle, BYD hinted in a poster on March 23.

The technology will be the second major technology announced by BYD so far this year.

On January 3, BYD officially launched the premium Yangwang brand at its Shenzhen headquarters, where it highlighted the technology platform known as e⁴.

e⁴ is China's first mass-produced quad-motor independent drive technology platform, capable of achieving precise control of the vehicle's four-wheel dynamics with its four-motor independent vector control technology, BYD said at the time.

BYD opened the Yangwang brand launch event by having an SUV enter in crabwalk mode to show off this technology.

e⁴ is a power system with quad-motor independent drive as the core, a comprehensive reconstruction of the characteristics of NEVs in terms of perception, decision-making, and execution, overturning the ability system of the previous fuel car power system, BYD said.

(BYD's poster released on March 23 to warm up for the Yunnian system hints at the key features.)

BYD expects its Q1 NEV sales to grow over 80% YoY, aims to be largest automaker in China by year-end