As of February 28, had 296 Nio Spaces worldwide, a reduction of three from 299 at the end of January.

(Image credit: Nio)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) maintained a low level of infrastructure build-out last month, with China coming off the New Year holiday at the end of January.

The company opened 1 new Nio Space in February, located in the overseas market, data it released today showed.

Nio's showrooms include the flagship Nio Houses and the smaller Nio Spaces, the former of which, in addition to displaying vehicles and selling them, are spaces where Nio gives owners a quality lifestyle.

The company did not open any new Nio House in February, and the total number of facilities now stands at 101 worldwide, including 99 in China and 2 in Europe.

The Nio Space, which Nio added in February, is located in Sweden and opened on February 23 in Göteborg, the European country's second-largest city, as previously reported by CnEVPost.

As of February 28, Nio has 296 Nio Spaces worldwide, including 290 in China and six overseas.

It is worth noting that the data released by Nio on February 1 showed that it had 299 Nio Spaces worldwide as of the end of January. The latest data mean that while one was added, four were closed in February.

In February, Nio added six new service centers, including five in China and one overseas. This brings the total number of the facility to 292, with 255 in China and 37 overseas.

Nio also added eight new battery swap stations in February, including seven in China and one overseas.

As of the end of February, Nio had 1,331 battery swap stations worldwide, of which 1,320 were in China and 11 were overseas. The company had 350 of these facilities located along highways.

Nio added 15 new superchargers in February, bringing the number to 1,261, with 1,255 in China and 6 overseas.

It added 36 new destination charging stations in China in February, bringing the total number to 1,114.

Nio's charging map connected 31,823 new third-party charging piles in February, bringing the total to more than 1,048,000, including more than 388,000 overseas.

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