The Li L7 is a five-seat version of the Li L8 and will be offered in two variants with starting prices of RMB 339,800 and 379,800 respectively.

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Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) revealed the launch date for its new SUV Li L7 today at the Guangzhou auto show while showcasing its two existing models, Li L9 and Li L8.

The company will host the launch of the Li L7 on February 8, 2023 and show cars and cars for test drives will begin arriving at Li Auto's retail centers on February 9, it announced today on Weibo.

As Li Auto's new five-seat flagship model for families, it's worth the anticipation and wait, the company said.

The Li L7 is Li Auto's first five-seater, measuring 5,050 mm in length, 1,995 mm in width, 1,750 mm in height and 3,005 mm in wheelbase, it said.

The model's will feature Li Auto's extended-range electric system 2.0, which has further improved performance in recent tests, it said.

The Li L7 can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 5.3 seconds, far outpacing traditional luxury midsize SUVs with a 3.0T displacement, the company said.

Li Auto originally planned to offer six- and five-seat versions of the Li L8, but later adjusted its strategy by launching the model's six-seat version as the Li L8. The five-seat version became the Li L7, which was previewed on September 22.

On September 30, Li Auto let Li L7 make a brief appearance at the official launch of the Li L8 and began accepting reservations.

The Li L7 includes two versions, Pro as well as Max, with starting prices of RMB 339,800 ($47,640) and RMB 379,800, respectively.

The company said at the time that the Li L7 would be officially launched at the Guangzhou auto show in November and deliveries would begin in February 2023.

However, the show, originally scheduled for November 18-27, was subsequently postponed to December 30, where Li Auto showed the Li L9 and Li L8 and did not unveil the Li L7.

Although the Li L7 is essentially a five-seat version of the Li L8, Li Auto emphasized that the Li L7 is not simply a five-seat version of the Li L8, but a completely separate design for the five-seat model.

In November, the Li L7 appeared on a regulatory filing list where its exterior and core specifications were revealed.