vehicles had 9,806 insurance registrations and 10,059 deliveries in October.

While the monthly delivery numbers of Chinese electric vehicle (EV) makers are getting a lot of attention, before they are available, the weekly insurance registration numbers provide an important indicator of a vehicle company's performance.

So, to what extent do insurance registrations accurately reflect a vehicle company's deliveries? The latest set of figures provides some reference.

Nio vehicles registered 9,806 insurance registrations in October, with the three NT 1.0 platform-based models -- the ES8, ES6 and EC6 -- seeing 805, 2,250 and 503 insurance registrations, respectively, according to data shared today by tech media outlet Mydrivers.

The company's three other models based on the NT 2.0 platform -- ES7, ET7 and ET5 -- registered 2,576, 2,857 and 815 insurance units, respectively, in October.

Nio released data on November 1 showing that it delivered 10,059 vehicles in October. There is a 253-unit gap between that insurance registration figure and the published delivery figure.

The deliveries included 2,814 ES7s, 3,050 ET7s and 1,030 ET5s. A total of 3,165 SUVs based on the NT 1.0 platform were delivered.

It is worth noting that the deliveries are the figures announced by automakers, while the insurance registrations are counted by third-party agencies based on the registration of mandatory auto liability insurance. Differences in statistical methods make the final numbers vary, but usually not by much.

vehicles had 4,731 insurance registrations in October, according to the latest data.

Xpeng is currently delivering the G9, P7, P5, and G3i vehicles, which had 495, 2,115, 1,359, and 762 insurance registrations in October, respectively.

Xpeng previously released data showing that it delivered 5,101 vehicles in October, including 623 G9s, 2,104 P7s, 1,665 P5s and 709 G3is.

vehicles had 10,115 insurance registrations in October, including 9,139 Li L9s and 976 Li ONEs.

The company previously released figures showing it delivered 10,052 vehicles in October, without providing a breakdown of the different models.

Geely's premium EV brand, , had 9,566 vehicles registered for insurance in October. The company currently has only one model, the Zeekr 001, on delivery, with 10,119 units delivered in October.

Auto, Hozon Auto's electric vehicle brand, registered 9,832 vehicles in October, including 6,241 Neta V, 3,522 Neta U and 69 Neta S vehicles.

The company previously released data showing that it delivered 18,016 vehicles in October, without providing a breakdown of the different models.

Leapmotor vehicles had 7,236 insurance registrations in October, including 4,165 T03s, 2,592 C11s and 479 C01s.

The company previously said it delivered 7,026 vehicles in October, without providing a breakdown.

AITO vehicles had 9,005 insurance registrations in October, including 4,702 M7s, 4,295 M5s and eight Seres SF5s. The -backed brand delivered 12,018 vehicles in October.

Voyah, the premium electric division of Dongfeng Motor, registered 1,460 insurance units in October, including 1,011 Dreamer MPVs and 449 Voyah FREE SUVs. The company delivered 2,553 vehicles in October.