BeyonCa has posted three Weibo posts in a week to warm up for the event.

BeyonCa, the electric vehicle (EV) brand founded by former Volkswagen China executive vice president Weiming Soh, is expected to officially unveil the brand and its first model on October 30.

BeyonCa has published three Weibo posts in a week to warm up the event, the first of which was posted on October 23, saying "On October 30, you can see something different. #Time to show". This was also the first content on its Weibo account.


On October 24, BeyonCa hinted in its second Weibo post that the event might be themed "The Light of Life."

On October 27, the company made a third teaser, saying, "October 30, #TimetoShow."

BeyonCa's Weibo profile shows that it is based in Beijing and focuses on building luxury smart electric vehicles and creating the ultimate user experience.

BeyonCa stands for "Beyond the Car," according to its Weibo profile.

The brand has not given any hints about the upcoming product, but local automotive outlet Xchuxing reported today that BeyonCa's first model could be priced at the RMB 1 million ($138,200) level to rival the Porsche Taycan.

The Taycan, which starts at RMB 888,000 in China, is Porsche's first all-electric model.

In early December last year, local media Cailian first reported that Soh had created a car company called Binli.

Dongfeng Motor has invested in the company and plans to OEM vehicles for it, Cailian previously said, citing sources familiar with the matter.

The brand's first model will be a Porsche Taycan killer and have more health-related features, according to the report.

In February, 36kr reported that Binli had received an RMB 10 billion strategic investment from Wuhan-based Changjiang Capital.

The high amount of that investment is rare and comparable to the investment received from the Hefei government two years ago and the initial investment made for its car-making business, the report noted.

Binli and its investors will jointly set up a new energy vehicle industry fund, and the company and industry chain-related companies are likely to build a passenger car industry base in Wuhan, the report said, citing people familiar with the matter.