Flyme Auto is expected to bring a better experience of connectivity with mobile devices to models under Geely's umbrella, and it could be a major reason for to enter the phone-making space.

Meizu, a Chinese phone maker controlled by Geely's helmsman, today teased a new in-car system that promises seamless multi-terminal connectivity, highlighting the importance of the ability to adapt to mobile devices for smart cars.

Meizu's Flyme mobile system team teased the system, called Flyme Auto, on Weibo today, saying it's a continuation of Flyme in the smart cockpit.

Flyme Auto will continue the Alive Design language and will sense and understand the needs of the user, the team said.

The system aims to establish connectivity between everything and ultimately achieve a multi-terminal, full-scene, immersive and integrated experience, the team said.

The Weibo post shared two images of Meizu's headquarters, showing the words "All in Auto".

Meizu was one of the first smartphone makers in China, founded in 2003, and became one of the best-known handset makers with the advent of the smartphone era.

But in recent years, the company's shipments have declined significantly and it has become a marginal player.

On July 4, Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology, a cell phone company founded by Eric Li, founder and chairman of carmaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, announced the completion of its acquisition of a majority stake in Meizu.

Xingji acquired a 79.09 percent controlling stake in Meizu and gained sole control of the company.

Meizu assistant vice president Wan Zhiqiang shared two design proposals for the phone maker's new flagship store on Weibo yesterday, showing that the company's stores will showcase cars.

The information shared by the Flyme team today implies that Flyme Auto is expected to bring a better experience of connecting with mobile devices to Geely system models, just like 's HarmonyOS to AITO's models.

This also seems to be one of the main purposes of Nio's entry into phone making.

At the end of March, William Li, Nio's founder, chairman and CEO, said during an appearance on a talk show that Nio was still in the research phase of making cell phones.

Nio's customers want to see a phone that connects better with cars, which prompted the company to study the industry, Li said at the time.

In a small exchange with Nio owners in late July, Li said the company is developing one phone a year, like Apple.