seems to be toning down the rhetoric about its vehicles being female-friendly, as its sales have continued to decline over the past few months.

(Image credit: Ora)

Ora, Great Wall Motor's electric vehicle (EV) brand, will hold a launch event on October 31 to make the long-awaited new electric model, the Ora Lightning Cat, available.

The Ora Lightning Cat will have beautiful curves and be a coupe model, according to a post by the company on its official WeChat account Tuesday.

Notably, unlike Ora's previous emphasis on its models targeting female users, the company did not go on to mention that positioning, possibly in an attempt to have its models reach a broader group.

The Ora Lightning Cat has a length, width and height of 4,871 mm, 1,862 mm and 1,500 mm, respectively, and a wheelbase of 2,870 mm, according to the previous regulatory filings.

The model is available in single- and dual-motor versions, with the single-motor version having a maximum power of 150 kW.

Its dual-motor version has a maximum combined power of 300 kW and a peak torque of 680 Nm, allowing for a 0-100 km/h acceleration performance of 4.3 seconds, according to information previously announced by the brand.

The car's battery pack comes from Svolt Energy, a power cell manufacturer spun off from Great Wall Motor, and is available in four options -- 63.87 kWh, 64.31 kWh, 79.62 kWh and 83.49 kWh -- to provide a CLTC range of 555-705 km.

Great Wall Motor has already presented the model to European consumers at the Paris Motor Show earlier this month.

The Ora Lightning Cat will be the latest addition to the Ora brand's Cat lineup, after it makes the Ballet Cat officially available in China in July.

The Ora Ballet Cat measures 4,401 mm in length, 1,867 mm in width and 1,633 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,750 mm.

Ora said at the time that the Ballet Cat was "the more female-friendly car in 136 years," suggesting that it was the most female-friendly car ever built in the automotive industry.

It's worth noting that highlighting female-friendly features doesn't seem to have helped Ora's sales much. This may be a big reason why the brand is starting to cut back on such talk.

Ora sales in September were 7,605 units, 40 percent lower than a year ago, according to data released by Great Wall Motor earlier this month.

So far this year, Ora sales are at 84,721 units, about the same as the 84,731 units sold a year ago.