currently has an 87 percent market share of NEVs in Mongolia and a 58 percent market share of pure electric vehicles in it.

As BYD's first global model, the Atto 3 -- known in China as the Yuan Plus -- lives up to its name.

BYD recently brought the Atto 3 to more countries, including Mongolia and Nepal, after the model was previously available in a large number of countries, including New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and India.

The company announced today that it is launching the Atto 3 in Mongolia with local dealer partner MSM Group.

BYD entered the Mongolian passenger car market in 2020 and has since offered a number of pure electric models, including the T3, Tang EV, Han EV and Dolphin.

BYD currently has an 87 percent market share of new energy vehicles (NEVs) in Mongolia and a 58 percent market share of pure electric vehicles in it, according to the company.

Mongolian Energy Minister N. Tavinbekh has said this year that it is necessary to take measures to increase the popularity of electric vehicles as a way to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a BYD press release.

BYD said it will work with Mongolia to promote green innovation for the sustainable development of human society and help cool the planet by 1°C.

On October 17, BYD announced the launch of the Atto 3 in Nepal and its joint efforts with local partner Cimex Inc Pvt Ltd to tap the local new energy passenger vehicle market.

Nepal's electricity supply continues to improve and NEVs have great potential for growth in Nepal, BYD said.

In addition, the import tax on NEVs in Nepal is lower than that on fuel vehicles, and the launch of the Atto 3 will give local consumers an ideal travel option, BYD said.

The BYD Atto 3, known as Yuan Plus in China, was officially launched in China on February 19, when BYD said the model was its first EV targeting the global market.

The model has a length, width and height of 4,455 mm, 1,875 mm and 1,615 mm, respectively, and a wheelbase of 2,720 mm.

The BYD Yuan Plus sold in China is powered by a drive motor with a peak power of 150 kW, a peak torque of 310 Nm and an acceleration time of 7.3 seconds from 0-100 km/h.

At the time of its launch in China, the model was open for pre-sale in Australia under the Atto 3 name.

To date, the BYD Atto 3 is available in more countries including New Zealand, Singapore, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Laos, India and in Europe.