says the Xingyue L Hi-P has a battery range of more than 200 kilometers and can be used as a BEV in the city. For long-distance trips, consumers can use EVER or PHEV mode.

In the Chinese new energy vehicle (NEV) market, depending on the power source, models mainly include battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs).

Among PHEVs, in addition to the traditional models, has made the extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs), which are equipped with larger capacity battery packs, popular.

As a result, the models currently available to Chinese consumers include BEVs, like those from and ; traditional PHEVs, like those from ; and EREVs, which is what Li Auto is currently offering.

Interestingly, Chinese auto giant Geely today teased a model that it says is not only a BEV, but also an EREV as well as a PHEV.

The model is a hybrid version of Geely's currently available Xingyue L SUV, called the Xingyue L Hi-P, which the automaker says comes standard with pure electric, extended-range, and hybrid technologies.

The Xingyue L Hi-P is Geely's first electric vehicle based on the e-CMA architecture, allowing consumers to use only the battery for city trips and rely on extended-range technology to provide extra mileage on long trips, Geely said.

The CMA architecture, jointly created by Geely and Volvo, is known as Compact Modular Architecture, and has great flexibility and scalability.

Consumers who choose a Xingyue L Hi-P will have the equivalent of an electric vehicle that offers BEV, EREV and PHEV driving experiences at the same time, Geely said in an article on its WeChat account.

BEV mode

The Xingyue L Hi-P comes standard with a 41.2 kWh CTP battery pack and has a battery range of 207.5 km under WLTC, Geely said.

The range was measured by a professional agency, and real roads in Shenzhen were selected to simulate WLTC working conditions, according to Geely.

According to the CLTC performance, the Xingyue L Hi-P has a battery range of 245 km.

That range is perfectly capable of allowing it to be used by consumers as a pure electric vehicle, and even allows them to make intercity trips between Beijing-Tianjin, Shanghai-Hangzhou, and Guangzhou-Shenzhen, according to Geely.

The model supports DC fast charging of up to 85 kW and can be charged from 30 percent to 80 percent in 27 minutes.

EREV mode

The Xingyue L Hi-P has dual-motor tandem locking technology that allows users to select EREV mode.

The model's range extender has a thermal efficiency of 43.32 percent and a range of up to 1,250 km WLTC and 1,400 km CLTC on full fuel and full charge.

It is worth noting that for conventional EREV vehicles, the engine does not drive the vehicle directly although they are equipped with one, but is used as a generator to charge the battery.

PHEV mode

Geely said that the Xingyue L Hi-P comes standard with three-speed inverter electric drive DHT - Pro technology, which enables battery-driven as well as engine-driven parallelism in all speed ranges.

In PHEV mode, the model has a WLTC range of 1,300 kilometers and a CLTC range of 1,450 kilometers.

Geely did not reveal when the model will be released, saying only that it will begin allowing consumers to experience it at the end of this month.