's flagship Han family of sedans sold 31,497 units in September, while Seal, seen as a strong rival to the Model 3, sold 7,473 units.

BYD has released breakdown sales figures for its product array, following the release of its new energy vehicle (NEV) sales for September earlier today.

The BYD Song family sold 46,457 units in September, including 541 units that were exported, according to data released by the company on Weibo today.

The Song family was BYD's top-selling model in September, up 116.95 percent year-on-year and 9.31 percent from August.

In September, BYD sold 7,736 NEVs in overseas markets, up 51.92 percent from 5,092 units in August. The company first announced its overseas sales figures for NEVs in July.

The BYD Qin family sold 39,515 units in September, up 58.14 percent year-on-year and essentially unchanged from the 39,512 units sold in August.

BYD's flagship Han family of sedans sold 31,497 units in September.

The BYD Han includes the all-electric Han EV model as well as the plug-in hybrid DM series. The company did not mention the breakdown of the two different power forms, but said sales of the Han DM series models rose 645 percent year on year in September.

This means that Han DM models sold 18,267 units in September, up 42.58 percent from 12,812 units in August, considering that the series sold 2,452 units in September last year.

Han EV models sold 13,230 units in September, up 69.70 percent from 7,796 units a year ago and essentially unchanged from 13,191 units in August, CnEVPost's calculations show.

BYD Seal sold 7,473 units in September, the first time the company has released sales figures for the model considered one of Tesla Model 3's top contenders.

Pre-orders for the BYD Seal began on May 20 and the model was officially launched on July 29, with deliveries starting in August. BYD did not release sales figures for the model in August.

The company's flagship SUV Tang family sold 15,058 units in September, up 140.77 percent from 6,254 units a year ago and up 39.23 percent from 10,815 units in August.

The BYD Yuan family sold 23,503 units in September, including 6,368 units that were exported. The model is known as Atto 3 in most overseas markets.

Yuan family sales in September increased 337.51 percent year-on-year, up 28.68 percent from August.

BYD Destroyer 05 sedan sold 9,101 units in September, up 4.31 percent from August. The model was officially launched on March 17.

BYD Dolphin sold 24,956 units in September, up 731.87 percent year-on-year and up 6.34 percent from August. The model is the first model of BYD's all-electric e-Platform 3.0 and was officially launched on August 29 last year.

BYD sold 201,259 NEVs in September, including 94,941 pure electric vehicles, 106,032 plug-in hybrids, and 286 new energy commercial vehicles.