The Ford Mustang Mach-E has sold 2,098 units in China so far since deliveries began in the country late last year.

Ford ramps up efforts in China's EV market with new operating entity-CnEVPost

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US auto giant Ford has set up a new operating entity in China to ramp up its efforts in the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) market, following the lackluster performance of its first EV model here.

Ford has established a company called Ford Electric Mach Technologies (福特电马赫科技), which it calls FMeT for short, according to an article posted today on Ford China's official WeChat account.

This is the first independent company established by a foreign auto brand in the Chinese market that focuses deeply on the development and operation of intelligent electric vehicles to fully accelerate electrification and intelligence, Ford said.

The company will create an integrated R&D system based on an electrification center, a digital experience center, and an advanced driver assistance center, it said.

Ford will build on stronger R&D capabilities to create products that meet the needs of Chinese consumers, it said.

The electrification center will cover R&D including batteries, battery packaging and integration, motors, and motor controllers to support Ford's electrification process in China and the global market, it said.

The digital experience center will focus on the advanced intelligent cockpit and mobile connectivity solutions to personalize the experience through OTA upgrades, Ford said.

The driver assistance center will leverage Ford's global smart technology resources and work with local companies to develop for China's road and traffic environments to accelerate BlueCruise deployment and iteration, Ford said.

Ford has an exclusive direct sales network for premium EVs called Ford Select, which currently has 106 sales outlets in 43 cities in China.

By the end of this year, Ford will open Ford Select's first flagship store in Shanghai, it said.

Ford's move comes at a time when the company's performance in China has been weak.

On April 13 last year, the Ford Mustang Mach-E was unveiled in China and began accepting reservations. Ford started deliveries of the first Mustang Mach-E vehicles in China on December 26 last year.

Since deliveries began, the Mustang Mach-E has sold 2,098 units in China, according to local automotive media Dongchedi.

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Ford ramps up efforts in China's EV market with new operating entity-CnEVPost

Ford ramps up efforts in China's EV market with new operating entity-CnEVPost