CIX Technology, a startup building computer CPUs based on the ARM architecture, has become the first Chinese company to join the Windows on Arm Group.

(Screenshot of the webpage of Linaro's Windows on Arm Project.)

Capital's portfolio company CIX Technology has joined Linaro, a global collaborative engineering organization dedicated to software development for the Arm ecosystem, becoming the first company in China to be a member of Linaro's Windows on Arm Group.

By joining the group, CIX Technology will be responsible for native Arm development, native application support and localization to help build the global Windows on Arm ecosystem, Nio Capital said in a press release today.

CIX Technology also plans to work with Linaro to develop an Arm SystemReady compliant boot architecture implementation that will play a role in manufacturing Arm architecture PCs for OEM/ODM vendors, according to the release.

"We're seeing big momentum with regards to Arm architecture adoption in the PC market segment, and our goal is to design Arm-compatible intelligent computing solutions for Windows devices," said Liu Gang, co-founder & software engineering VP at CIX Technology.

"In order to achieve this we need a strong Arm open source ecosystem which supports application migration and native development on Windows. Linaro is the best place for us to contribute with other industry leaders in a coordinated way and we are thrilled to be joining," Liu added.

The Windows on Arm Group aims to build a sustainable Arm ecosystem for Windows that provides developers with tools, programming languages and specialized frameworks to help increase compilation speed and enable Windows on Arm native development.

CIX Technology's dedicated team will help grow Linaro's engineering capabilities to ensure that packages run seamlessly natively on Windows on Arm and achieve optimal performance while reducing power consumption, said Andrea Gallo, VP of business development at Linaro.

CIX Technology, a Chinese startup building computer CPUs based on the ARM architecture, recently closed a new round of funding of about $50 million, co-led by Nio Capital and Qiming Venture Partners, according to a July 18 report by LatePost.

This is CIX Technology's fourth funding round in its nine months of existence, giving it a post-investment valuation of about $300 million, according to the report.

While most startups want to enter the chip manufacturing market from server CPUs, CIX Technology's first product is a computer CPU, similar to Apple's M1 chip, according to LatePost.

NIO Capital reportedly leads investment in local computer CPU maker CIX Technology