's only model currently on sale, the Zeekr 001, saw an increase in price or a reduction in the benefits offered to consumers today.

Zeekr, Geely's premium electric vehicle (EV) brand, delivered 2,137 Zeekr 001 units in April, up 19 percent from 1,795 in March, figures it released today show.

Since it began delivering its first model last October, Zeekr's cumulative deliveries stand at 16,385 units, data monitored by CnEVPost shows.

"Zeekr 001 orders exceeded 10,000 units in April," the company said.

The statement appears to be a play on words, as it does not specify whether the figure refers to new orders in April or cumulative orders through the end of April.

Zeekr appears to have done well in deliveries in April when the supply chain was severely disrupted by the Covid outbreak and travel restrictions were imposed in several cities.

It is worth noting that Zeekr mentioned when it announced March deliveries last month that it expects deliveries to pick up significantly in April.

In March 2021, Zeekr was officially launched as a standalone company. On April 15, Zeekr 001 was unveiled.

(Image credit: Zeekr)

The first production vehicle of the Zeekr 001 rolled off the production line on October 19, 2021, and 199 units of the model were delivered that month. The 2021 full-year deliveries of the Zeekr 001 were 6,007 units.

Zeekr announced on April 2 that it will increase the price of the Zeekr 001 effective May 1, 2022. On April 22, the company announced specific plans for the price increase.

Among the three models of the Zeekr 001 currently on sale, the price of the YOU version, the highest priced model, will be raised by RMB 18,000 ($2,780), from RMB 368,000 to RMB 386,000.

At the same time, the benefit of paying a RMB 5,000 deposit and thus enjoying the use of that deposit as RMB 7,500 will be cancelled.

This means that consumers who buy the Zeekr 001 YOU version from May 1 will face a cost of RMB 20,500 higher.

The price of the other two versions of the Zeekr 001 - the ultra-long-range single-motor WE version and the long-range dual-motor WE version - remains unchanged at RMB 299,000, but the RMB 5,000 deposit being used as a RMB 10,000 entitlement is removed.

Zeekr said at the time that the move was a decision made after fully considering the interests of users and doing its best to absorb cost pressures at a time when upstream raw material prices continue to rise.

The company added one new delivery center, six Zeekr Spaces sales outlets, and 35 charging stations in April, according to its announcement today.

Zeekr announces price increase plan, says it has done its best to absorb cost pressures