The trademarks appear to be for Life, which has previously put a lot of effort into the wine sector.

(Image credit: NIO)

NIO filed several applications for registration of wine-related trademarks in March, according to data provider Qichacha.

Shanghai NIO Co Ltd filed applications in March for the registration of "蔚来" (NIO), "EPEDITION" and "光之子" (literally, son of light), all of which are classified as wine.

In addition to these three, NIO (NYSE: NIO, HKG: 9866) also filed an application for registration of the trademark "NIO TIPSY CLUB" in March, with the international classification of catering and accommodation, according to the information.

The status of these trademarks is currently under application.

In March last year, NIO filed an application for the registration of the trademark "NIO BAR", and the status of the trademark is currently registered. Its trademark "NIO BAR SINCE 2020" filed in March last year was rejected.

The trademarks appear to be for NIO's lifestyle brand, NIO Life, which has previously invested a lot of effort in the wine sector.

NIO Life announced last September a strategic partnership with French winery Domaine Gayda to create its first exclusive vineyard.

NIO Life also announced the launch of the wine sub-brand "La Fantaisie Bleue", which means "The Fantasy of Blue" at that time.

Domaine Gayda is the royal winery of the French Presidency, and its products such as Figure Libre, Chemin de Moscou and Villa Mon Reve have been in the Elysee Palace for many years, serving over 100 state dinners, according to NIO.

On January 19 last year, NIO Life entered into a strategic partnership with Shanghai Wine Exchange to launch the NIO BAR Club.

Shanghai Wine Exchange is the first electronic wine trading platform in China and the first wine trading center in Asia, with over 3,000 wineries resources.