Providing lifestyle services to vehicle owners is one of 's most important endeavors outside of vehicle sales, and now the company has made a new move.

Nio Life, Nio's lifestyle brand, announced Friday a strategic partnership with French winery Domaine Gayda to create its first exclusive vineyard.

Nio Life also announced the launch of a wine sub-brand, "La Fantaisie Bleue," which means "The Fantasy of Blue".

(Photo source: Nio)

Domaine Gayda is the royal winery of the French Presidency, and its products such as Figure Libre, Chemin de Moscou and Villa Mon Reve have been in the Elysee Palace for many years, serving more than 100 state dinners, according to Nio.

Gayda is not only favored by the presidential palace, but is also the favorite of several Michelin-starred restaurants and French chefs, with veteran French cuisine chef Paul Bocuse among the collaborators.

The vineyard is located in an area of southern France with a 2,800-year history of winemaking, which is the largest and most diverse wine region in the world, according to Nio.

In January, Nio entered into a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Wine Exchange, enabling it to make direct purchases from over 3,000 premium wineries overseas.

Exclusive vineyards will further expand Nio Life's strengths in wine sourcing, selecting quality wineries for users and offering exclusive vineyard wines, according to Nio.

Nio Life also announced four wine offerings, created by Domaine Gayda owner Tim Ford.

This is Nio Life's latest move in the wine space.

On January 19, Nio Life entered into a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Wine Exchange to launch the Nio BAR Club.

Nio Life has joined hands with professional sommeliers and user tasters to create a wine review system and established a direct purchasing partnership with over 3,000 quality wineries.

The Shanghai Wine Exchange is the first electronic wine trading platform in China and the first wine trading center in Asia, with more than 3,000 winery resources.

The cooperation between Nio Life and Shanghai Wine Exchange brings a wide range of wines from Lafite, Margaux, as well as Bordeaux region in France and Veneto in Italy.

Nio Life was able to ensure that the products were authentic and traceable by sourcing directly from the wineries and eliminating the wholesaler chain.

Nio Life also launched a wine evaluation system created by professional sommeliers and user tasters, adding the retail price of wine to the evaluation system and rating the products on four dimensions: sight, smell, taste and value ratio, with a total of 13 criteria to provide consumers with reference.