Update: Added breakdown sales data for the Han EV and Han DM models.

February is traditionally a slow month for car sales, and 's Dynasty and Ocean series models have seen price increases since February 1.

BYD sold 9,290 units of its Han family flagship sedans in February, up 84.8 percent from 5,028 units a year earlier but down 27.3 percent from 12,780 units in January, figures released Thursday by the company showed.

It was the first time sales of Han family models fell below 10,000 units since last September, and the Chinese New Year holiday, which runs from January 31 to February 6, made February a slow sales month.

The BYD Han family now includes the Han EV, an all-electric version with an NEDC range of 605 kilometers, and the Han DM, a hybrid model with a range of only 81 kilometers on pure electric power.

BYD initially did not release breakdown data for either model, and it subsequently released data showing that the Han EV sold 8,941 units in February, up 118.1 percent year-on-year. This means that Han DM sold 349 units in February.

Late last month, BYD said two new variants of the Han DM - Han DM-i and Han DM-p -  will soon be available for pre-sale.

In BYD's product array, the vehicles have EV, DM, and DM-i versions depending on the form of power. Where EV stands for pure electric, DM and DM-i versions are both hybrid versions, except that the latter focuses more on fuel economy.

BYD had previously launched the Tang DM-p model, which has more power than the DM model, but none of the models shown on its official website currently have this variant.

In addition to the Han family, BYD's other hot seller, the Dolphin - the first model of the e platform 3.0 - sold 8,565 units in February, down 19.2 percent from 10,602 units in January.

BYD officially launched the Dolphin at the Chengdu Auto Show on August 29, 2021, when it was priced at RMB 93,800 ($14,660) – RMB 121,800 after subsidies.

On January 21, BYD said it would adjust the official guide price of its new energy models in the Dynasty and Ocean series by RMB 1,000 - 7,000 yuan.

This is due to a significant increase in raw material prices and the withdrawal of subsidies for new energy vehicle (NEV) purchases, the company said. The price adjustment has been effective since February 1.

Information on BYD's website shows that the Dolphin model is now priced in the range of RMB 96,800 - 124,800, an increase of RMB 3,000 from the previous prices.

BYD sold 88,283 NEVs in February, up 752.6 percent year-on-year and down 5.2 percent from 93,168 units in January, the company said in an announcement filed with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange yesterday.

That includes 87,473 passenger cars, and 810 commercial vehicles. Among passenger cars, BYD sold 43,173 pure electric vehicles and 44,300 plug-in hybrids in February.