That includes 40,499 units for export and 19,346 units for 's retail sales in China.

Tesla China sales in January were 59,845 units, up 286.5 percent year-on-year, but down 15.5 percent from December, according to data released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Tesla China exported 40,499 units in January, second only to last October's 40,666. The CPCA first published that export figure in April 2021.

That means Tesla's retail sales in China in January were 19,346 units.

A breakdown of Tesla's China sales is not currently available.

Tesla China sales in December were a record 70,847 units, according to data previously released by the CPCA.

This past weekend, an article posted on the Liaoning government's official WeChat account sparked speculation that Tesla may be building a new factory in the provincial capital city of Shenyang. Tesla, however, denied it.

The article said that the Dandong District of Shenyang will push forward with the renewal of urban construction to provide more space for local industrial development and "lay the foundation for the landing of major new energy vehicle projects, including Tesla's."

This sparked numerous Chinese media reports that Tesla will build a second factory in Shenyang.

Sina Tech on Monday cited a Tesla China source as saying that reports that Tesla's second factory in China will be located in Shenyang's Dadong District are false.

It's also worth noting that Tesla began an expansion of its Giga Shanghai late last year, and upon completion of the project it is expected to have a significant increase in capacity to meet the company's deliveries to local and international consumers.

Tesla's Shanghai plant had a capacity of 450,000 units last year and will see a huge increase after April this year, local media Cailian reported last week, citing people familiar with the matter.

After the latest expansion project is completed, Giga Shanghai's annual production capacity is expected to top 1 million units in the next few years, the person familiar with the matter said.