This is a 23.53 percent drop from 94,460 units in December last year.

SAIC sold 72,236 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in January, up 25.5 percent from 57,540 units a year earlier, figures released today by the largest Chinese carmaker show.

SAIC sold 94,460 NEVs in December last year, meaning January's sales were down 23.53 percent from the previous month.

The company first announced its NEV sales data in August 2021, so data from February through July of last year is currently unavailable.

SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Co sold 15,000 NEVs in January, SAIC Volkswagen sold nearly 9,000 NEVs and SAIC-GM sold more than 4,000 NEVs, SAIC said in an announcement on its website.

SAIC's wholesale sales of all vehicles in January were up 13 percent to 456,000 units, with deliveries reaching 518,000 units, the company said.

SAIC's sales in overseas markets topped 65,000 units in January, up 74.4 percent year-on-year, with sales in developed countries and regions such as Europe, Australia and New Zealand accounting for as much as 40 percent of sales, it said.

SAIC aims to sell more than 2.7 million NEVs worldwide by 2025, accounting for more than 32 percent of its total model sales, its president Wang Xiaoqiu said at the 2021 World NEV Conference in Hainan on September 16 last year.

SAIC will aim to achieve carbon peaking by 2025, meaning that from 2025 at the latest, even as its production continues to increase, total carbon emissions keep falling until it achieves its vision of carbon neutrality, the company previously said.

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