At the end of August last year, Lotus received an investment from Capital and announced plans to launch four all-electric vehicles within five years.

Geely-owned Lotus Technology is hiring for dozens of positions, suggesting it is fully preparing for the transition to electrification.

The job ad posted by Lotus on Monday shows it is seeking talents in electronics and software, power, hardware and electronic control systems, vehicle performance integration, and user experience and functionality domains.

Among them, the electronics and software domain offers the most positions, mainly including intelligent cockpit engineers, OTA engineers, vehicle network information security experts.

The Nio-backed company wrote in its poster, "Type 132 is coming to life," signaling that its first all-electric model may not be far from being announced.

The poster also shows a car with what looks like a LiDAR device on the roof, and says "it's time to jump out for a new journey ahead."

From the text and images, it appears that the Type 132 may be equipped with a LiDAR on the roof that can be hidden.

Previously, mainstream electric vehicles used LiDARs in fixed positions on the roof or at the front of the car.

Baidu's car-making division JiDU Auto last week showed its first model with a possible hidden LiDAR design, the first car company we've seen do so.

The Lotus poster didn't provide further information.

Geely acquired Lotus, which is about 70 years old, in 2017 and owns 51 percent of the latter, including Lotus Cars and Lotus Engineering.

Lotus' latest sports car, the Emira, opened for pre-sale in China on August 20 last year, and it will be the brand's last fuel car.

At the end of August last year, Lotus set up a new company in China, Wuhan Lotus Technology, and received an investment from Nio Capital.

The company announced then that it plans to launch four pure electric smart cars within five years, including a mid-size smart pure electric SUV codenamed Type 132, a pure electric smart four-door coupe Type 133, a new pure electric smart model Type 134, and a pure electric compact sports car Type 135.

Lotus will also launch its independently built architecture EPA, which helps cars accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 3 seconds.

Lotus Technology, owned by Geely and backed by NIO, appoints ex-Jefferies exec as CFO