said Su has indeed left its automotive division and thanked him for his contributions to the team, according to local media.

Su Jing, a key figure in Huawei's autonomous driving division, has once again been reported to have left the company, and the tech giant has confirmed.

Sina Tech today cited Huawei as saying that Su has indeed left Huawei's automotive division and thanked him for his contributions to the unit.

The report did not provide any further new information.

In a report yesterday, Tencent Auto cited sources familiar with the matter as saying that Su, who had held the position of head of Huawei's smart driving products division, will leave before the Chinese New Year and that his new destination is unknown for now.

Su previously served as chief architect at Huawei Terminal before becoming head of Huawei's smart driving product department.

At the end of June last year, there were rumors that Su had joined , but the electric vehicle maker later said the news was untrue, and Su himself also denied it.

At the end of July, Huawei announced that Su had been removed from his position as head of the smart driving department. Huawei said at the time that this was because Su had made inappropriate comments against when talking about self-driving technology and safety.

Su will go to a strategic reserve team for training and assignment, the company said at the time, adding that Huawei respects the efforts and contributions of every player in the industry in the autonomous driving space.

Su previously spoke at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference about Tesla's self-driving accidents, saying that they are bound to happen when machines and humans live in symbiosis, and "to put it bluntly, they kill people."

Huawei removes Su Jing as president of smart driving, earlier rumors said he would join NIO