The battery swap station has been in place for over a month and is not yet open for business.

(Image credit: Cailian)

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd () officially unveiled its battery swap brand EVOGO today, followed by local media reports that it already has the first of the facility.

Cailian's reporter saw one of the power battery giant's EVOGO-branded battery swap stations in Xiamen, Fujian province, during a site visit, saying it occupies about six parking spaces.

From the setup of the battery swap station, it does not have a staff operating area, according to the report.

The battery swap station was built more than a month ago and is not currently open for business, the report said, citing people in the neighborhood.

CATL (SHE: 300750), based in Ningde city, Fujian province, today officially unveiled its new brand EVOGO, a battery swap solution consisting of battery blocks, fast battery swap stations, and an app.

Each of CATL's battery swap stations occupies three parking spaces and takes approximately one minute to change a single battery block, it said.

The station can store up to 48 battery blocks, ensuring that users always have a fully charged block to replace without long waits, according to CATL.

CATL's innovative battery block concept, called Choco-SEB (swapping electric block), is a mass-produced battery developed specifically to enable shared battery swapping.

It uses CATL's latest CTP (cell to pack) technology and has an energy density of over 160Wh/kg, or 325Wh/L. A single battery block can provide a range of about 200km, according to CATL.

The battery block can be adapted to 80 percent of the world's models already on the market and those developed on pure electric platforms that will be available in the next three years, the company said.