Cumulative deliveries of HiPhi X, HiPhi's first model, totaled 4,237 units since deliveries began in mid-May of last year.

(Graphic by CnEVPost)

HiPhi, the homegrown Chinese electric vehicle (EV) brand with a starting price of up to RMB 800,000 ($125,600), sold 919 vehicles in December, up 20.5 percent from 763 in November, according to figures released yesterday.

Since deliveries began in mid-May last year, the brand's first model, HiPhi X, has seen cumulative sales of 4,237 units, including 3,724 units from July to November, it said.

HiPhi was the top-selling EV for luxury brands priced above RMB 500,000 in the second half of 2021 for the first time in the history of a Chinese brand, it claimed.

HiPhi, a brand owned by Chinese electric car company Human Horizons, launched HiPhi X in October 2020, with deliveries of the model officially starting in May 2021.

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Local Chinese car brands have been focusing on cars priced below RMB 200,000. With the rapid growth of the electric vehicle industry in China, startups including , , and Motors are trying to enter the higher-priced market.

Among them, Nio is the car company with the most significant success in the high-end market in China, with its lowest-priced model, the Nio ES6, starting at RMB 358,000 and the higher-priced Nio ES8 SUV starting at RMB 468,000.

In contrast, Human Horizons is more ambitious, with the HiPhi X starting at RMB 570,000 for the six-seat version and up to RMB 800,000 for the four-seat version.

HiPhi said yesterday that it has opened 37 HiPhi Hub experience stores in China. It has a total of 155 delivery centers, service centers and authorized sheet metal spray centers in 147 cities.

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