HiPhi sells 316 units in April, down 31% from March
HiPhi X has accumulated nearly 6,000 deliveries and sold at an average price of nearly RMB 700,000 ($103,950), it said.
HiPhi sells 459 units in March, up 29% from Feb
In the luxury pure electric vehicle market priced above RMB 500,000, HiPhi achieved a 28 percent market share in the first quarter, it claimed.
Premium Chinese EV brand HiPhi sells 355 units in Feb, down 35% from Jan
That was higher than the 214 units of the Mercedes-Benz EQC, 83 units of the Audi e-tron and 48 units of the BMW iX.
HiPhi becomes latest Chinese EV startup to use large die-casting technology
Human Horizons, the owner of the HiPhi brand, announced that it has rolled off the production line for an integrated, large die-cast rear body structure based on a giant 7,200-ton die-casting machine.
Premium Chinese EV brand HiPhi sells 550 units in Jan, down 40% from Dec
HiPhi's only model currently on sale, the HiPhi X, has a starting price of RMB 570,000 ($90,000).
Chinese EV brand HiPhi accuses Renault of trademark infringement
HiPhi argues that the close resemblance between Renault's icon and HiPhi's icon has created some uncertainty about its brand development, and European business expansion plans.
Chinese premium EV brand HiPhi sees its 5,000th production vehicle roll off line
HiPhi's first model, HiPhi X, has seen cumulative sales of 4,237 units since deliveries began in mid-May last year through the end of December.
Human Horizons, owner of highest-priced Chinese EV brand HiPhi, reportedly considering $500 million HK IPO
Human Horizons initially planned to go public in the US, but has now shifted its listing to Hong Kong, the report said.
HiPhi, highest-priced Chinese EV brand, sells 919 vehicles in Dec
Cumulative deliveries of HiPhi X, HiPhi's first model, totaled 4,237 units since deliveries began in mid-May of last year.