All three models of the BMW iX series are available in China at about double the price of 's SUV models.

(Image credit: BMW)

After making the iX xDrive 50 available in China at the Guangzhou Auto Show in late November, BMW today made two other models in the iX lineup - the iX M60 and the iX xDrive 40 - available in the world's largest auto market.

The German luxury carmaker announced that the iX M60 has a suggested retail price of RMB 996,900 (156,500) and delivery will take place in the middle of this year. The iX xDrive 40 has a suggested retail price of RMB 746,900 and delivery will take place in January.

BMW launched the iX xDrive 50 in China at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 19 with a suggested retail price of RMB 846,900.

With this, the entire BMW iX lineup is available in China at roughly double the price of local luxury carmaker Nio's SUVs.

The iX M60 is the first high-performance electric sports activity vehicle (SAV) in BMW's M Series and the first BMW model to exceed 1,000 Nm of torque.

The BMW iX M60 is equipped with an exclusive electric drive system and has a range of up to 566 km under the WLTP standard.

Its dual electric motors unleash a maximum output of 455 kW and accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds.

With a top speed of 250 km/h, the model is the fastest production all-electric model from BMW up to now.

The BMW iX M60 is equipped with an automatic parking assist system that supports remote parking from a cell phone. It has a route memory function and can store up to 10 parking paths.

The BMW iX xDrive 40 has a range of 455 kilometers under CLTC standards, with dual motors unleashing a maximum output of 240 kilowatts and an acceleration time of 6.1 seconds from zero to 100 kilometers.

The car can accept up to 100 kW of charging power on DC charging, taking 41 minutes to charge the battery from 10 percent to 80 percent.

The BMW iX xDrive50 features dual motors with a maximum power output of 385 kW and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 4.6 seconds. It has a range of 665 km in CLTC mode and a top speed of 200 km/h.

In December, BMW delivered its one-millionth new energy vehicle (NEV) worldwide. In the first 11 months of last year, BMW delivered 42,000 NEVs in China, an increase of 65.8 percent year-on-year.

However, in China, this result is not so bright. A total of 43,728 vehicles were delivered by Nio in 2020 alone.

Nio delivered 10,489 vehicles in December and 91,429 vehicles for the full year in 2021, an increase of 109.1 percent over 2020.

On December 16, BMW announced an upgrade of its China strategy to align with its China development goals, uphold the "China First" principle and prioritize the needs of the Chinese market in new product development.

In 2022, BMW will present five all-electric models to Chinese customers, including the BMW iX, BMW i4, and the all-electric BMW 3 Series produced in Shenyang, it said.

In addition, an all-electric flagship model will also be unveiled within the next year. By the end of 2023, the BMW Group will offer some 13 all-electric products in the Chinese market, it said.

BMW aims to retain its glory in EV era with 'China First' strategy