Standard Robots was founded in 2016 and focuses on autonomous mobile robot manufacturing and flexible logistics solutions.

(Image credit: Standard Robots)

Standard Robots, which specializes in the development and production of industrial mobile robots, announced today that it recently closed a Pre-C round of funding of several hundred million RMB.

The financing was led by Broad Vision Funds and followed by Capital, with continued participation from previous shareholders Miracle Plus and Source Code Capital.

The funds will be used primarily for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) product development, talent acquisition and global market expansion, the company said.

Standard Robots, founded in 2015, focuses on laser SLAM-driven AMR and flexible logistics solutions and has served customers in a variety of industries, including consumer electronics, auto parts, semiconductors, photovoltaics and healthcare, according to its official website.

The company is the largest in China's consumer electronics industry focused on developing laser AMR, with customers including , Foxconn, ZTE, Delta Electronics, and DJI, it says.

Standard Robots has thousands of AMRs deployed in smart factories located in China, the US and Japan, providing next-generation flexible logistics solutions for the consumer electronics, semiconductor and new energy industries, the company says.

Standard Robots will invest more in R&D in the future to accelerate automation, flexibility and digitalization upgrades to light up more smart factories around the world, it said.

This is one of NIO Capital's many investments, and it's not clear how this move will help NIO in the future, but it's certainly good to have more partners in the cutting-edge technology space.

Some of NIO Capital's previous investments are already supporting NIO's products.

When NIO unveiled the ET5 sedan at NIO Day 2021 on December 18, it announced the panoramic digital cockpit PanoCinema and will introduce AR devices for the first time.

The device was developed by Nreal, an augmented reality (AR) technology company invested by NIO Capital, in conjunction with NIO.