For the full year of 2021, Arcfox delivered 4,993 vehicles, it said.

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Arcfox delivered 1,186 vehicles in December, up 76 percent from November and 696 percent year-on-year, the BAIC BJEV sub-brand said today.

In the fourth quarter, Arcfox delivered 2,408 vehicles, up 41 percent from the third quarter and up 569 percent year-on-year, it announced.

For the full year of 2021, Arcfox delivered 4,993 vehicles.

Arcfox currently has two models, the Arcfox α-T SUV, which was launched in late October 2020, and the Arcfox α-S sedan, which was unveiled in late April 2021.

The Arcfox α-S model starts at RMB 251,900 ($38,600), with the most interesting version equipped with 's full-stack smart car solution "Huawei Inside", which is the first time Huawei's technology has appeared on a mass-produced model.

The "Huawei Inside" model starts at RMB 388,900 and the premium version is priced at RMB 429,900.

It is equipped with an intelligent advanced autonomous driving system with 400 TOPS of computing power.

Shanghai Securities News quoted BAIC sources as saying on October 28, 2021, that the model would start small deliveries in November, but this did not happen.

On November 26, Shanghai Securities News again quoted BAIC sources as saying that small deliveries of the "Huawei Inside" Arcfox α-S model would begin in late December.

Arcfox said today that it had started deliveries of an early version of the Huawei Inside Arcfox α-S in December, without disclosing the number of deliveries.

Arcfox α-S with 'Huawei Inside' aims to deliver 1,000 units this year