Hesai's LiDARs will be used in the NVIDIA DRIVE platform for tagging and training data, as well as to build 3D environment.

(Image credit: Hesai Technology)

Chinese LiDAR maker Hesai Technology announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Nvidia to provide products for the latter's autonomous driving system.

Nvidia will use Hesai's Pandar 128 LiDAR in its NVIDIA DRIVE platform as the Ground Truth sensor for its autonomous driving development system, according to a statement.

Hesai's high-performance LiDAR solution will serve as the core device for Nvidia's self-driving system development platform, providing critical object sensing and recognition capabilities for self-driving vehicles, the company said.

Hesai's LiDARs will provide an important reference benchmark for program development of each perception component of the system to optimize the recognition capabilities of the autonomous driving system, it said.

Specifically, Hesai's LiDARs will be used to tag and train data, as well as construct 3D environment, it said.

"We are proud to partner with Nvidia to deliver a robust LiDAR solution to build safe and reliable next-generation self-driving cars," said Li Yifan, co-founder and CEO of Hesai.

Hesai's Pandar 128 LiDAR delivers outstanding Ground Truth awareness performance with seamless integration capabilities that customers need, said Gary Hicok, senior vice president of engineering at Nvidia.

Founded in 2014, Hesai has introduced several Pandar family LiDAR products over the past few years, including the Pandar 40, Pandar 40P, Pandar 64, Pandar QT, and Pandar 128 for unmanned vehicles.

The company also offers Pandora, a multi-sensor fusion perception suite, Pandar GT for advanced assisted driving, PandarMind for connected vehicle applications and Pandar XT for the robotics market.

At the end of August, Baidu's car-making business JiDU Auto and Hesai signed a contract to start an in-depth cooperation on creating advanced assisted driving-oriented perception solutions.

The two will work together to improve the performance and competitiveness of vehicle perception and help create safer and more efficient advanced assisted driving systems, according to a statement from Hesai.

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