The first teaser image released by shows the model, which will be announced on December 18, equipped with cut-through taillights.

With NIO's annual event NIO Day 2021 just a few days away, the company today released the first teaser image of an upcoming new model.

(Image credit: NIO)

The image, posted on NIO's official WeChat account, shows the model, which will be announced on December 18, with a cut-through taillight design.

Other than that, NIO did not announce any further information.

(NIO ET7. Image credit: CnEVPost)

NIO Day 2021 will be held on December 18 at the Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou, a city located about 100 kilometers west of Shanghai.

NIO usually holds the most important event of the year, NIO Day, at the end of each year or at the beginning of the following year, and unveils its latest model. The last NIO Day was held on January 9 of this year, when NIO released its first sedan, the ET7.

At this year's NIO Day event, it is expected to unveil a model called ET5 and probably another unknown model at that time.

It is not clear whether the model in NIO's teaser image is the ET5 or that unknown model.

In the comment section of NIO's Weibo, a user asked, "Is this the ET5?" NIO responded, "Please take a closer look," prompting some speculation that the model might not be an ET5.

NIO said on August 12 that it aims to deliver three products based on NIO Technology Platform 2.0 in 2022, including its flagship sedan ET7, which was announced earlier this year.

According to information previously circulated on Weibo, the ET5 is as different from the ET7 as the ES6 is from the ES8, with the sedan likely to be between 4,800 mm-4,900 mm long and the wheelbase likely to be between 2,800-2,900 mm.

By comparison, the ET7 is 5,098 mm long with a wheelbase of 3,060 mm. NIO's local counterpart Motor's flagship sedan, the P7, is 4,880 mm long with a wheelbase of 2,998 mm, and the Model 3 is 4,694 mm long with a wheelbase of 2,875 mm.