Why the ET5 may change the perception of Nio in terms of energy consumption as well as autonomous driving, the blogger explains.

(Nio ET7. Image credit: CnEVPost)

Both Nio investors and Chinese electric car watchers are excited about Nio's upcoming ET5 launch on Nio Day next month.

He Lei, CEO of xchuxing.com and an automotive blogger with about 760,000 followers on Weibo, explained in a recent post why he is looking forward to the ET5.

In his opinion, Nio has great technologies including motors and electric controls, but they have not been demonstrated in the company's SUVs, resulting in energy consumption and range not being an advantage.

But that could change with the ET5, which will build on the ET7 to optimize energy consumption to the ultimate level. "I'm looking forward to how a sedan with much smaller dimensions and a much smaller wind resistance coefficient will perform in terms of energy consumption," he said.

He mentioned that the development of the Nio ET7 has seen many compromises, but the ET5 has aimed to be the best from the beginning, and this is because Nio is no longer short of funds.

Nio's autonomous driving and smart cockpit will have an essential enhancement starting in the fourth quarter of next year, and the label on Nio will change significantly from the end of next year, and this timing matches well with ET5, he said.

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Note: Weilai refers to Nio and Ningde Times refers to .

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