China's Ministry of Commerce has released a guide to help local used car export companies develop overseas markets.

(Image credit: Unsplash)

China's used car exports face many favorable conditions and great potential for future development, and the country will introduce relevant promotion policies in the future, China's Ministry of Commerce said today.

The ministry mentioned these in an announcement of its latest guidelines for exporting used cars to different countries, which conducted in-depth studies of used car markets in 23 countries to help local companies develop overseas markets.

These studies cover the markets, policies, regulations, taxes, processes and other information of these countries, and also focus on the analysis of the global used car export market situation and the experience of used car exports from developed countries such as Japan and South Korea.

Promoting used car exports is an innovative business to keep China's foreign trade stable and an important way to promote domestic auto consumption upgrading, the announcement said.

At present, China's used car exports are generally in the initial exploration stage, in order to promote the healthy and orderly development of used car exports, the ministry will work with other government departments to focus on three tasks:

The development and release of used car export quality industry standards, to eliminate the export of unqualified used cars. Research and development of unified national enterprise access standards, the establishment of a dynamic assessment and withdrawal mechanism.

Learn from the good experience of used car export regions, and introduce relevant promotional policies.

Continue to prepare and publish "China's Used Car Export Guide for Different Countries", support companies to build overseas after-sales service systems, guide used car industry organizations to strengthen industry self-regulation.

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