After the lower-priced Model Y Standard Range version was launched in China in early July, its deliveries have finally begun.

The first Model Y Standard Range models were delivered to customers in Beijing on August 26, a month and a half after the model opened for pre-orders on July 8.

held a delivery ceremony where new owners received their car keys and attended a Tesla Owner's Seminar.

Tesla delivery personnel paid more attention to catering to consumers, saying that vehicle delivery is not the end, but the beginning of mutual trust and the start of a new smart, pure electric mobility lifestyle.

As with all its model deliveries, Tesla staff explained the basic operation of the vehicle, charging methods, entertainment features, driving modes, and other knowledge to owners.

Tesla China's official website officially launched the lower-priced Model Y Standard Range on July 8 and began accepting reservations.

The model starts at RMB 276,000 ($42,650) after subsidies, down from RMB 347,900 for the previously lowest-priced model.

Its pre-subsidy pricing is RMB 291,840, which meets China's requirement that subsidized new energy vehicles be priced under 300,000 yuan. The subsidy for this model is RMB 15,840.

Models like the that support battery swap are eligible for subsidies at any pricing.

It is a single-motor rear-wheel-drive version with a 0-100 km acceleration time of 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 217 km/h.

It has a range of 525 km and uses 's lithium iron phosphate battery.

Tesla previously offered the Model Y Long Range version in China for RMB 347,900, powered by a ternary lithium battery supplied by LG.

The Performance version shown on its official website is priced at RMB 377,900, but delivery is expected in the third quarter.