Motors began rolling out an OTA update to the P7 on Tuesday that adds a new AI voice for the intelligent voice assistant "Xiao P" to make it sound more like a real person.

The new AI voice uses 24K sampling technology to achieve high-fidelity sound quality and the ability to change between 14 styles, Xpeng said.

According to MOS, the international universal voice quality assessment method, the new AI voice of "Xiao P" scores 4.49 out of 5, which is currently the highest MOS voice quality assessment score for in-car intelligent voice assistants, according to Xpeng.

The upgrade will also optimize the speed limit logic in the NGP state, providing users with a more reassuring auto-assisted driving experience when turning.

(Photo source: Xpeng)

DSM fatigue detection will also be opened to more users. When XPILOT 2.5 auto-assisted driving function is turned on, it will determine in real-time whether the driver is in a fatigued driving state and warn him/her in time.

The OTA is the 9th update of Xpeng P7 since its launch more than one year ago. Xpeng has pushed 25 major updates for Xpeng P7 and Xpeng G3 through OTA, achieving more than 150 new functions and 2,300 function optimizations, it said.