An G3 owner recently complained that the assisted driving function of his vehicle has failed more than 10 times while driving, and the problem has not been effectively resolved after the vehicle has been repaired three times.

A report on Thursday said that the website's automotive quality complaint platform received the complaint from the user of a 2020 XPeng G3 520i model that he purchased seven months ago.

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The owner claims that due to a programming flaw, the G3 displays an ESP fault warning in the vehicle's dashboard while driving, at which point assisted driving functions such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping, and the emergency braking are disabled.

The owner called this problem a very serious safety hazard, according to the report.

Many other car owners have experienced similar problems, some solved by restarting, but sometimes cutting the power still does not restore normal, the report said.

"Such a long time and such a big security risk, but XPeng did not send any warning to users. I think this problem should be completely solved," the owner said.

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The owner claims that once the driver turns on lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control, if they put their foot on the brake pedal as a precaution at that point, then the vehicle's system will incorrectly recognize that the driver has depressed both pedals at the same time, causing the assisted driving function to be completely disabled.

"Whether from sales or even R&D staff, no one at XPeng seems to be paying attention to this issue. XPeng gives the impression that it doesn't matter if one user is lost, they have other users. Such an attitude is very disappointing," the owner said.

The owner claims that other models of XPeng besides the G3 also encounter similar problems, according to the report.

The reporter from informed the fault to XPeng, who said it would pass the complaint on to relevant colleagues, according to the report.

Earlier this month, the G3i, a facelift of the XPeng G3, went on sale with a subsidized price range of RMB 149,800 ($23,100) - 185,800.

The XPeng website is still showing the G3 model, but all versions are showing no inventory.

XPeng G3i goes on sale with prices starting at about $23,100