today opened a battery swap station in the coastal city of Yantai in eastern China's Shandong Province, its 317th in the country.

This is Nio's first second-generation battery swap station in the city and is the result of a partnership with furniture retail giant and real estate conglomerate Red Star Macalline Group (Red Star).

The battery swap station is located in a local Red Star parking lot, where Nio is also putting a supercharging station into operation today, providing four supercharging piles.

In early February, Nio and Red Star signed a partnership agreement to jointly build 60 charging stations and battery swap stations.

According to the agreement, Nio will receive support from Red Star for station construction and operation in 2021.

Previously, Nio had only one first-generation battery swap station in Yantai, and the second-generation facility can significantly improve service efficiency, increasing the number of stored batteries from 5 to 13 and providing a maximum of 312 services per day.

To date, Nio has two battery swap stations in Yantai, two supercharging stations and access to over 1,910 third-party charging posts, according to the company.

As of July 24, Nio has 317 battery swap stations in China and 215 supercharging stations providing 1,643 supercharging piles. It also has 396 destination charging stations offering 2,223 charging piles and access to more than 380,000 third-party charging piles.

(Photo source: Nio)