Chinese smartphone maker Meizu recently disclosed a patent related to the driver driving status detection with an application date of April 2021.

The patent enables a vehicle to send rescue information to a target terminal device if the driver is in an abnormal driving state.

The rescue message includes basic information about the driver and his or her location, which allows the driver to receive timely aid.

In April of this year, Meizu released a teaser of the first partner model for the Flyme for Car in-car system, but there has been no further information since then.

Flyme is the company's Android skin that will be integrated into the in-car application.

Wan Zhiqiang, Meizu's head of marketing, said at the time that Flyme for Car was handled by a different team and had been in the works for some time.

Meizu's style of doing things is not to tell a story first and then see the feedback, but to do what it says it will do, and there would be some strategy sharing and results demonstration in the next period, Wan said at the time.

Meizu's just released a flagship phone that can serve as XPeng car key