This bug is rare, but for this Li Auto owner, it's troubling.

Weibo blogger @flypig, who has 1.44 million followers on the Chinese social media platform, recently said that he sold his Li ONE, but was unable to unlink the App from that vehicle.

This caused him to receive several pushes on his phone every day, reminding him that the windows were left open, the car key was not taken out, and the battery was low.

He tried to resolve this by asking Li Auto's official customer service, but they said they couldn't remove the connection, and the only solution is for the owner to "transfer" it out.

This means that for Li Auto owners if they sell their vehicles, they must also ask the new owner to link the Li Auto app to the vehicle, otherwise, the original owner will keep receiving notifications of the vehicle's information.

The blogger said that because the vehicle was sold through an agent, he had no idea who the next owner was. And the agent's attempts to contact the new owner were unsuccessful.

He mentioned that the new owner may not even be aware of the need to link the Li Auto App with the vehicle, thus causing this problem.

For the blogger, since his new car is a new Li ONE, he cannot simply uninstall the App to avoid continuing to receive information about the old car.

On Wednesday, Li Auto responded by saying that the company's software department is already working on the issue and will provide a solution as soon as possible, according to Sina Tech.

On May 25, Li Auto announced the new Li ONE, with a starting price that is 10,000 yuan ($1560) higher than the previous version, at 338,000 yuan.

Perhaps due to many potential owners waiting for the new model, Li Auto's deliveries in May dropped about 22 percent to 4,323 units compared to April.

Deliveries of the new Li ONE began on June 1 and are expected to boost its June delivery figures, which are expected to be announced today or tomorrow.

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(Source: Li Auto)